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Calling of the Heart Chapter 21

Disclaimer: Same as usual.

Chapter 21 Babylon 5

Latiya jumped up and stood in front of the computer. She put the data crystal back in and watched it again. Her mind raced back to when she had fought with Tannia.

"She did it. She had the nerve…I should have known." Latiya whispered to herself.

"All we have to do is figure out where they are."

"This place…it is nowhere on Minbar."

"Where could they be? There are so many places in the universe that they could be. We will never get permission to go searching. We will never be able to reach all the important people-"

"That’s it! Furrell, you are brilliant!" Latiya exclaimed.

"What? I didn’t say anything."

"Where is the one place where Humans and aliens can talk peacefully? Where is the one place where a representative from almost every known race lives?"

"Babylon 5?" Furrell asked.

"Exactly," Latiya said. "Get your brother and let’s get going."

"Do we really have to bring him along?" Furrell asked.

"Yes. We still have to train him." Latiya said.

"Oh, all right." Furrell said with exasperation.

* * * * *

Latiya and her two companions walked aimlessly about Babylon 5, not really sure where to go. They tried to get the attention of several security personnel, but they were preoccupied.

"This is hopeless." Furrell said.

Latiya looked about, searching for anyone who would know where to go. She spotted a woman with brown hair that wore a blue uniform. Latiya smiled and walked up to her.

"Excuse me, but would you know where the captain of the station is?" Latiya asked politely.

"Yes, that would be me. I am Captain Ivanova. What can I do for you?"

"This is very important and I do not want others to know the information that I carry." Latiya explained.

"Follow me." Ivanova said.

Latiya turned and motioned for the brothers to follow her and the captain. They followed the captain through the Zocolo and down a corridor. They turned right, left, right again, and finally came to her office.

Ivanova sat down and steepled her hands. "Who are you?"

"I am Latiya. These two are Anla’shok Furrell and Anla’shok Nerrel."

"Ah, so you’re Latiya." Ivanova said, smiling.

"How do you-"

"I try to keep in contact with John and Delenn. They told me about you. Quite a troublemaker, huh?"

Latiya blushed. "No, not really."

"So, how are they?" Ivanova asked, leaning back in her chair.

"That is why we came here. Someone abducted the Sheridans." Latiya said quickly.

Ivanova sat up straight. "What? Why didn’t anyone tell me right away? Dammit!"

"If we did, the alliance would have fallen. We do have one piece of evidence. A message sent to the Anla’shok gave us a voice and a description of the area." Furrell said.

"Let me see it." Ivanova said.

Latiya pulled the data crystal out of a pouch and gave it to Ivanova who put it in the computer. An image of a dingy room appeared. The image showed Delenn, John, and David tied to chairs. A voice came from someone off the screen.

"I hope you die, Latiya Sheridan! If you die, you cannot save the Sheridans."

"Damn. Do you know who did it?" Ivanova asked.

"Tannia." Latiya said.

"Who is Tannia?"

"Tannia is a girl from the Worker Caste. She was in my team." Latiya explained.

"I’ve been there before. It’s…downbelow." Ivanova said.

"Downbelow?" the three companions asked.

"Were you the only ones sent here?" Ivanova asked.

"We were not sent. We came on our own." Nerrel said.

"Okay. How are we going to do this without creating an uproar?"

"That…requires an expert."

The three turned around and Ivanova looked up.


"The one and only."

"Mr. Garibaldi is an expert on finding people. We’ll be able to locate them," Ivanova told the three. "So, what do you suggest, Mr. Garibaldi?"

"I suggest that we try to find out where exactly in downbelow they are. Analyze the message." Garibaldi said.

"It was already analyzed by Sect Turvall." Furrell said.

"It was only to find out who did it." Nerrel replied.

"Well, let’s start. Computer, analyze message for a location."


There was silence in the room. Latiya looked around. John had been in this office plenty of times when he ran Babylon 5.

"Please, sit." Ivanova invited.

The three sat on the couch and began to talk.

"This is too strange. To think our father was here." Nerrel said.

"And, Anla’shok Cole defeated him once." Furrell added.

"Wait a minute! Your father was Satai Neroon?" Latiya asked in disbelief.

"Yes." Nerrel said.

"I thought he hated the Anla’shok and wanted nothing to do with it!" Latiya said with confusion.

"That is true. I…did something that would have dishonored our clan if anyone found out. He…disowned me and told me he did not care what I did. As long as I had nothing to do with the Star Riders, he was happy." Furrell explained.

"He then turned to me and began training me to become an excellent warrior. He wanted me to be able to become a member of the Grey Council. He wanted so much from me. I did not want to become a Satai, because I am not interested in politics. When he died, I knew that I should fulfill his wishes, even if it was not the calling of my heart. It took me this long to finally get to courage to join the Anla’shok." Nerrel said.

Latiya sat quietly, thinking all of this over. She sat back and sighed.

"What about you? What were your parents like?" Nerrel asked.

"I never knew my parents well. They were both of the Anla’shok. When I was just four, they were killed in a mission. Delenn appointed a close friend of theirs to take care of me. He did so until just a few moths ago. He died during a mission. It was then that John and Delenn took me under their wing. They have been kind, understanding, supportive…everything parents should be." Latiya said as she looked up and blinked away tears.

Ivanova and Garibaldi were wrapped up in the information the computer was giving. Latiya felt relieved that they did not hear what had been said.

Ivanova turned to face the three friends. "This looks like it may take awhile. I will have Mr. Garibaldi take you to quarters to get some rest."

The three stood up and followed Mr. Garibaldi around Babylon 5. They arrived in blue sector. Latiya, Nerrel, and Furrell got their own quarters, which were right next to each other.

Latiya went into her quarters and looked around. They were nice, big quarters. She sat on the couch and just looked around some more. The doorbell soon rang. Latiya stood and faced the door.


The door opened and Furrell came in. He looked about.

"You look lonely." Furrell said.

"I do? I don’t know, I guess you could say that." Latiya said.

"How about dinner later?" Furrell asked.

"Sure. What about-"

"Just you and I." Furrell said.

"But, that wouldn’t be fair to your brother."

"Who said we had to be fair to him?"

"Furrell! Have you no shame? How dare you speak ill of your brother in that fashion!" Latiya said angrily.

"Latiya, he is only my brother. He does not need special recognition."

"And, he will be the only one you can rely on. He will be the only one to be there for you in the end!" Latiya yelled.

"Do you really think he cares for me? He really doesn’t! I have only you to turn to, and he is trying to take you away from me!"

"Oh, come off it, Furrell! He cares for you!"

"No! You are the only one! You are the one I can turn to!"

"No, not anymore. Not if you are going to treat your brother like that. If you can’t care for your brother, how can I know if you can care for me? Go, Furrell!"

Furrell stood there for a second and then left.

Written by Hope Maria Conaway. October 27, 2001.

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