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Beyonce as Lois Lane


I just finished reading that Beonyce Knowles is up for the part of Lois Lane in the new Superman movie. I dont know if the movie will ever be made and Im not sure if I want a new Superman movie without Christopher Reeve; however I cannot picture Beyonce as Lois Lane. What does everyone else think? Am I just completely wrong?

Beyonce as Lois Lane
There's been so many casting wrangles over this film I won't believe who's cast until I actually see them there, on the big screen. :D

But Beyonce... no. That's not Lois Lane. And to me, in this regard, the colour thing is an issue. Because Beyonce is like this sassy, black R&B woman. Her role in Austin Powers said it all. Lois Lane to me is the white, somewhat reserved journalist.
'Diversity in the newsroom' is a big thing these days, Ant. And I've never met a journalist who was reserved. ;)

But, yeah... Beyonce? Um.
Beyonce is like this sassy, black R&B woman.

Heh. That made me think about something said once to Dustin Hoffman and his 'character' approach, "My dear boy, have you tried acting?".

You can't complain about actors being stereotyped, while at the same time posting Beyoncé into a premade box. I'm not nailing the Lois character to being whites-only since it's not a feature of her character, just a historical precedent. If someone shows me a memo by DC or Jerry Siegel's notes stating that Lois is white then I'll go with it.

As for Beyoncé not being a good enough actress to play anything but her pop persona, I don't think she should be written off without better evidence. She didn't screw up in Goldmember and The Fighting Temptations is hardly a film to judge her talents by. The woman works hard and I'd not dismiss her so easily.
Reserved is the wrong word. But I couldn't think of the right word. :D I know what I mean in my head!

I suppose what I'm saying is that Lois Lane could be hot, but it wasn't he reason. Beyone to me is just quite hot and smokey. Lois isn't. Lois is, if anymore, more like one of the lads. Yet still kind of hot. But I am basing this mostly on Teri Hatcher, it's been a while since I've seen any Superman movie.
Beyonce plays up her "sassy" role for her music. And her role in Austin Powers said nothing, because it was an exaggerated charicature of 30-yr old charicature (female characters in blacksploitation flicks).

The only "problem" with her being Lois is that she's too hot. I mean, she's stunning gorgeous, and Lois is, to my understanding, supposed to be pretty but approachable. That is, I'd be too intimidated to hit on Beyonce at a club, but not Margot Kidder.

But really, if you want to worry about this movie sucking, forget about who's in it. McG is slated to direct- the guy does music videos and Charlie's Angels. Be afraid... be very afraid.
Wasn't that the guy who did the first Tomb Raider movie. I seem to remember him saying he didn't like traditional movie things like plot, he wanted to make movies a different way, without any twists or turns.
I was kinda surprised to hear that we was up for Superman. I guess he cant do any worse that Shumacher (sp?) did for Batman.
I was kinda surprised to hear that we was up for Superman. I guess he cant do any worse that Shumacher (sp?) did for Batman.

Remember kids, when you're trying to sneak around in the dark unnoticed neon lights are your greatest camoflage.

Shumacher would have added glass cutting nips to x-ray vision etc.