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Because You've Been Asking Me For It


Because You\'ve Been Asking Me For It


Well, not really. I'll come up with something to post here, since I've recieved enough requests. Until then, a bad poem:


Oh, Whitestar, thy engine is a-going,
And thy oil gasket, too,
And I think that I will soon go postal
And make you into Nissan stew.

I'll catch a ride down to the dealer
And whip out my check-card,
And next week you'll make some funny noises,
And kick my finances in the petard.

channe@[url="http://cryoterrace.tripod.com"]cryoterrace[/url] | "I wonder," said Frodo, "but I don't know. And that's the way of a real tale."
Re: Because You\'ve Been Asking Me For It

*Sniff* Beautiful. *Claps*

"Ink on a page!" -Refa describing the moral depths of a treaty.
"Life is life, whether it's wrapped in skin, scales or feathers." -Dr. Franklin
Re: Because You\'ve Been Asking Me For It

Thank you for sharing that master piece with us channe.*single tear of joy and happiness*

Have a nice day!!!

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