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Babylon 5/ Sci Fi Fairground Ride!!!!!!!!!


For those of you in Britain, if you can get to Stratford-on-Avon tonight or tomorrow there is a ride at the annual mop fair completely plastered in sci-fi and B5 pictures. It has Sheridan and Delenn on it as well as G'Kar.

It's basically a giant centrifuge that you stand up in and get levitated and held back against the wall as it goes faster and faster, as it switches off everyone gets hurled into the centre of the ride. It looks like fun!!!!!!!!!

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I was very nearly paralyzed on one of those once. The stress was so great my back nearly was very damaged when the ride stopped 'cause I wasn't strapped in right.

I don't trust fairground rides anymore

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Well, a ride like that would make me throw up, but if I was in Britain (which I'm not;I'm American), seeing the B5 character pictures might be worth it.

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What's a mop fair?? I saw a similar ride (actually probably the same one) in Oxford this summer.


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