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B5 Season 4 and 5 DVD sets CANCELLED!


Ok, no, not really. But seriously, WTF is taking them so long to give a damn release date and cover art? Yes I am that impatient.

Heh, made you look didn't I? You people should know better than to trust topic names like this from me by now.
I must be asleep... or green drowsy. Despite its content, the title did not register with me, until I had already understood you were joking.

Must get some fresh air.
I'm going to tell all the Drazi on this newsgroup that you have stolen the holiest relic of Droshalla!

EVIL! I like it.

Whew, you scared me. :eek:

"How many times do I have to tell you, we are running low on supplies we can't afford to throw perfectly good clothing out the airlock. Always take the jacket off first. I'm sorry what she meant to say was 'Stripped *naked* and thrown out the airlock' I apoligized for any misunderstanding this might have caused"

I shall put you in the airlock and then suck the air out of it very slowly... Or then I will just sunk you with beton shoes... :devil:

EDIT: And yes of course, why should they release any info about S4 and S5 when they haven't released S3 R2 yet?

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