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B5 merchandise ?

Purely as a matter of cursoity on my part but does anyone collect the merchandise related to the show ? For the record I have the following 8 of the nine novels I'm missing To dream in the city of sorrows ,The Babylon 5 cookbook it's awesome ,Creating Babylon 5,The Babylon 5 Security Manual, all five of Jane Killick's season by season gudes,The A to Z gide to Babylon 5 and about 5 of the magazines .Dolls the nine 9 inch Premiere Exclusive I have Both Delenn's both Sheridan's,Londo Mollari as emperor ,Gkar Susan Ivanova blue uniform,Lennier,Marcus and Garbaldi bald head version.Six inch WB toys both Delenn's,Sheridan,both Lennier,Marcus,Both Garbaldi's,Londo Mollari,Gkar,Both Ivanovas including one signed by Claudia,the shadow serpent,Vorlon visitor and Kosh ,Stephen Franklin ,Captain Lochley,Bester,the drazi doll and the Gaim doll,both Virs and all of the B5 comics and a B5 board game I think that's it.
Just the books, and not for the sake of collecting but for reading. /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif

Although I do have the calendar now as well. /ubbthreads/images/icons/blush.gif And the DVD, of course. But I suppose the DVD doesn't really count as "merchandise".
I have five of the books and also quite a fair few issues of B5 magazine (I think I got a question published in 'The Great Machine' column since I got a set of CCG cards but I'd stopped buying the magazine by then).
My most prized possession is a SiL soundtrack autographed by Netter and Boxleitner serially numbered. And then I also collected the B5 ccg cards, and have a number of those auto--pulled from packed and stamped for authenticity including--Ivonova and Sinclair. I also have a few auto cards from the season 5 set and two of the Jane Killick season by season books. oh and the 2000 calender which included two prints.

I've got 5 of the novels, but other than that, no merchandise to speak of... Yet, anyway.

On the topic of merchandise, does anyone know if it's still possible to buy any of the <a target="_blank" href=http://home.usit.net/~f-shysa/b5poster.html>B5 posters</a> anywhere? There are some really nice ones that I'd love to decorate my walls with. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif eBay wasn't much help. Any "official" sources that sell them?
I love the seaons 4 poster eh - would love to own it

-I just have the 3 trilogies
-Official guide - the computer cd one, which came wiht a free music cd
-The Making of Babylon 5 (book) - it is GREAT
- The Babylon 5 Security manual (book)
- A Starter pack of trading cards
- 4 issues of the B5 mag
- and a key ring

(oh and of course the dvd and dozen of tapes

<sigh> a pewter station would be good, and a fury!!! - lol, too much $$ for me though
Love the posters especially season one poster and the universe today one I can only think one place that comes to mind that sells a poster will have to check back and purchase to let you know what it looks like BTW I fixed some of the rambling part in my post so hopefully it's more readable and I also have on order an Earth Force jacket ,a micro machine set,a B5 magszine and a Psi Corp pin.
Wow I guess I have a huge collection then. My list includes:
1.) My prize possession is my Babylon 5 Writer's Bible autographed by Andreas Katsulas, Peter Jurasik, Claudia Christian, Richard Biggs, Stephen Furst, Bill Mumy, Jeff Conaway, Robert Krimmer, Julie Caitlin Brown, Robin Atkins Downes, and Julia Nichson. I'm working on getting others
2.) All the 6" figures (except the Vorlon Visitor) including the extremely rare Shadow figure.
3.) All the 9" dolls.
4.) All the novels and season guides, security manual, making of books, and cookbook, even the Interacting With Babylon 5 book
5.) All the US Official B5 magazines, and all the magazines with the original B5 short stories.
6.) All the comics
7.) A shadow box I made displaying the Earth Alliance Pin, Ranger Pin, Psi-Corp pin and several patches from the show.
8.) The two Starfury model versions, and the Babylon 5 station model (all still unbuilt and sealed in the box).
9.) An unproduced Crusade script (autographed by the writer Fiona Avery)
10.) A couple of nice Babylon 5 posters
11.) Season 5 set of cards and the Profiles set of cards (I'm not too big into trading cards)
12.) Almost forgot my cold cast bust of G'Kar.
13.) CD-Rom Guide to Babylon 5
14.) Three various Babylon 5 T-shirts
15.) Two boxes of some Babylon 5 trading card game which I normally wouldn't buy but they were selling them half price so I picked them up.
16.) The whole set of TNT promo Babylon 5 cards, and a whole bunch of the Legend of the Rangers promo postcards given out free at a convention I went to one of which I juts got autographed by Myriam Sirois this weekend!
17.) and of course various autographed photos of the cast I obtained at various conventions.

Is that enough stuff :)
I got:
-Books (A Call to Arms, ThirdSpace, Dark Genesis, Wheel of fire books 1&2, In the Beginning, season guides 2&3 and I think a couple more but I'm not sure)
-B5 ccg cards
-The B5 Board Game (not lying there is one)
-Figurines (fighters, a mini station, etc.)
-and a whole wall of internet pictures that I cut out /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

I don't remember anymore /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif
I've got:

The Techno-mage Trilogy
Legions of Fire
Psi-Corps Trilogy
To Dream in the City... (UK edition)
The Shadow Within
Season by Season Guides
Shadows Past and Present comic
the DVD
tapes of Crusade (all of it), Rangers, & Objects in Motion, Objects at Rest, and Sleeping in Light
not B5, but all of Jeremiah
Genius Loci, The Shadow of His Thoughts, Space, Time, and the Incurable Romantic

Will soon get:
Creating Babylon 5
In Valen's Name - comic
The Price of Peace -comic
Season by Season 3

Nautilus Coil, Hidden Agendas, True Seeker
I have a number of hand-labeled tapes of six episodes each that I taped myself off the TV... and then on my door is that infamous con pic with the crew giving the finger (printed off the Internet)... and that's about all I have. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif Oh, yeah, and I got a copy of the scholarly work done on B5, "Interacting with Babylon 5: fan perfomance in a media universe," through ILL the other day and am returning it to the library today...

I'm trying to quote JMS, doing it off the top of my head. "SF fans are the most exploited fans out there. They're expected to watch the show, pony up the dough for the merchandise, and be quiet."
Oh, geez. Let's see ...

Pins - Rangers, Psi Corps, Earth Alliance
Mini Pins - Psi Corps, Earth Alliance
Magnets - WhiteStar, Vorlon Ship, Shadow Ship
Bookmarks - B5 station, Londo, Franklin, Susan, Sheridan, Sinclair, Delenn, Lyta, etc. (10 total)
Books - All Dell books, All Del Rey books, Creating Babylon 5, A to Z, Complete guide to scriptwriting with the script inside, Coming of the Shadows script book, and Dining on Babylon 5
Software - All 3 "official" cd's (screensaver, the 2nd one, and the guide to b5)
Soundtrack Music cd's - Literally everything that's been released so far
Cast Music cd's - J.C. Brown - Sheddin my Skin, Struck by Lighting; Maggie Egan - Out of this World, 3-song Promo cd; Mira Furlan - Songs from movies that have never been made; Claudia Christian - Claudia Squared, Taboo, Once Upon a Time (don't have Area 51 yet); The Be Five - Self titled (Claudia, Mira, Bill Mumy, Peter Jurasik, and Andreas); Bill Mumy - In the Current, Dying to be Heard, Pandora's Box, After Dreams Come True
DVD - The Gathering/In the Beginning
VHS - All released episodes (all season 1, season 5, partial seasons 2 and 4). Also the original version of The Gathering from Columbia House.
Figures - All released 6" figures, except for Shadow Sentient
Pewter - Delenn and Kosh
Bibles - Both Crusade and the original series, season one bibles
Scripts owned by castmembers - Michael O'Hare - Born to the Purple; Claudia Christian - Hunter, Prey (2 versions) and All Alone in the Night; Maggie Egan - Midnight on the Firing Line, Rising Star, Objects at Rest and 2 others I can't remember the titles of
Scripts signed by Writers - Believers (David Gerrold), Value Judgements (Fiona Avery), Day of the Dead (Neil Gaiman)
Other Scripts - Apx. 2 dozen other scripts, including the movies The Gathering, ThirdSpace, River of Souls, A Call to Arms, and Legend of the Rangers (this one was owned by the makeup artist for G'Kar and Na'Feel).
Autographs - Well over a hundred. Check out my page for scans and the list of these.
Other - Maggie Egan's parking pass from Crusade: Season 1; signed artwork featuring Maggie Egan; all 6 of the short stories from the magazines

My fingers are tired. Gonna rest them now /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif
I have just a few things. A S3 poster, an autographed pic of Peter Woodward, the 2 Andy Lane books, the A - Z book, Dinging on B5, the 3 trilogies, the 9 Dell books, the security Manual, Creating B5 book and the picture of the S5 cast on the bike. Oh, and a few of the B5 mags.

The one really cool thing I do own is a numbered lithograph that was made by James Cukr, and it's signed by everyone in the pic, plus a few cast members that didn't make it into the picture. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

I would love to know more about the B5 and Crusade Bibles. I've only heard a tiny bit about them, and I'd love to know more.

I have almost all of the novels, 13 music CD's, a poster, a calendar, all 5 of Jane Killick's epsisode guide books, a CDRom called "The Offical Guide to Babylon 5", and several collectible cards.
Wowa man!!

And I thought that I was a fan!! /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Com:
<font color=yellow>Wowa man!!

And I thought that I was a fan!! /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

/Com</font color=yellow><hr></blockquote>

Just my opinion, but ... A collection of merchandise does not make someone a fan. Enjoying the show does. This is just a bonus on top of it. You obviously enjoy it, or you wouldn't be here. That does make you a fan. Deal with it :p
I never thought merchandise makes you a better or more of a fan. I guess I just don't need a physical memory trigger for most things. I have some of the books because reading them added opened up a new part of the story. However if you derive pleasure out of toys and such all power to you although I've found that excessive memoribillia can be an indication of someone living their lives through fantasy, which can be a little sad.
I kind of agree with Doctor Gonzo - it's so individual. Toys, models, collectible cards etc would just gather dust at my home, and I feel no need for them, although I consider myself a fan. Books on the other hand add a lot of actual content to the story I am a fan of, and the calendar - well, I needed a wall calendar anyway. /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif

As for the DVDs and videos - I wouldn't consider those merchandise, actually, not in the sense as the toys and stuff, they're the show itself after all, just on a different medium than airwaves, especially for the people who can't watch it on TV every day since it's not shown there.
How true Doctor Gonzo it certainly doesn't make you more of a fan just because you like collecting the merchandise that goes with it I think there is a fine line between reality and fantasy and someone living there life through a tv show that's when someone needs to get that person some professional help and start living real life.

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