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B5 makes it into an encyclopedia

Yeah, let's look for Babylon 5 to get in a commercial encyclopaedia.
Wikipedia even has an entry for All your base are belong to us! :LOL:
I have no doubts that JMS and maybe Babylon 5 will be included in encyclopedias in the future. Golly, Wikipedia might just be the standard encyclopedia of the future.

BTW one of my grand-uncles was in the encyclopaedia more than 10 years ago, while he still was working at the university. :D
A search in Encyclopedia Britannica for babylon 5 gave me among other things Harlan Ellison where at least babylon 5 was mentioned.

There are also anoter article there about the "RADIO: The Boom of Science-Fiction TV" that talks about Start Trek, Babylon 5 and X-files.

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