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B5 LOTR T shirt contest @ www.alexzahara.com

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B5 LOTR T shirt contest @ [url]www.alexzahara.com[/url]

Hey Everyone, Alex Zahara here...well I said I have been working on a surprise and here it is! My friend Mark has just completed my website, www.alexzahara.com and I have decided to announce it here first! My apologies for the lenth of time it has taken. Now onto the fun stuff, I have a precious few B5 LOTR T shirts which have been locked in a vault waiting for a special occasion, all you have to do is enter for a chance to win one! There is all kinds of stuff there, lot's of B5 LOTR pics, Stargate, Jeremiah, and lots more. You can order autographs of some of my characters, maybe Dulann is there...hmmm? I hope you enjoy the site and could someone please let me know when and where a chat will be so I can finally catch up with everyone. By the way I'm happy to say it's been pretty non stop work/auditions for me since I returned from Europe. I am doing a Stephen King mini series called Kingdom Hospital (playing a crazy mounted cop called Sol Tauras,) I did a movie with Andy Garcia and Angela Bassett called Lazarus Child, plus an episode of Cold Squad and had to turn down an episode of The Collector because of date conflicts. I hope everyone is doing great and for those of you in Canada, Happy Thanksgiving and to everyone else CHEERS! Please feel free to email here or through my website...take care, hope to talk to you all soon: Crazybilly, Monica, G'Kar's Eye and everyone else. Thanks...Alex Zahara
P.S. I am going to be at SG-7 in Feb/04 in England!

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Re: B5 LOTR T shirt contest @ [url]www.alexzahara.com[/url]

Hmm. This is where you need a chat client, I think, Alex. I use "Pirch". A lot of people use "Mirc" I think.

In any event, the server to get to the chat that I am currently using is "irc.trutopia.net" through port 6667. In pirch that is typed into the "server" line as "irc.trutopia.net:6667" without the quotation marks.

Sometimes it doesn't work, and then Chillbeserker usually tells me what other server to go through.

The chat is today, Saturday, starting at 2:30 Eastern time. If you need morehelp or if trutopia is down, I'll try to remember to get back here and check this thread again today. We'll see if Chilli or Kribu or someone can help you out in getting there. :D

I'll have to check out your website later, too. About those t-shirts, will they come autographed? :D I am shameless, I know, I know. :eek: :D :devil:
Re: B5 LOTR T shirt contest @ [url]www.alexzahara.com[/url]

I should warn you, though, the last thing we seem to chat about these days is Babylon 5. :LOL: It's a pretty small and intimate group, too.
Re: B5 LOTR T shirt contest @ [url]www.alexzahara.com[/url]

Oops, I forgot to mention, after you connect to the server, type in "/join #B5TV" without the quotation marks.

It can take some time to actually connect. On Pirch I get the message "your mode has been set" or something like that when it's ready for me to type that in.
Re: B5 LOTR T shirt contest @ [url]www.alexzahara.com[/url]

I'm closing down this double thread. Sorry, guys. Check out the other one in B5.personnell!
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