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B5 Legend of The Rangers


Just incase anyone in England or anyone that gets SKY tv that babylon 5 legend of the rangers is being shown on sky movies permier this weekend coming !it is on sunday atapproximatly 7pm and again on monday morning at i think 5am thats saturday the 20th/7/2003
Ranger_4 :D :D :D :D :D
So what did my fellow UK fans think of LotR?

Personally, I thought it was cool :cool:. The weapons control scenes were completely OTT, but the idea was great. The story and characters worked well enough for a pilot. And the CGI had a nice look, and was close to what I would expect to see in a B5 feature film.

All-in-all, I think the movie worked just as well as A Call to Arms as a pilot for a potential series. It's a shame that the series was never given a chance (I would have loved to have seen the characters visit the ancient city and walk through that portal!)
Hi There.As pilots go it was okay.Some good storylines that
could have developed,and interesting characters.Pity it wasn't picked up :eek: Colin.<*>.
I loved the idea of a haunted space ship :) Not so keen on the weapons firing thingy. But, it did have G'Kar in it, so it must be good :D
Something I found on www.cinescape.com, which I never knew before...

“Well, CRUSADE was five years after the events of BABYLON 5,” says Straczynski. “[B5: THE LEGEND OF THE RANGERS] is two and a half years after the events of BABYLON 5, so in theory if one season equals one year then in about two and a half years we’re going to run into the events of CRUSADE.””

When asked flat out if, at that point, he would deal with the series within the setting of B5: THE LEGEND OF THE RANGERS, the creator merely replies: “Yes. Absolutely. It’s a sneaky way of handling it, but its nice.”
Yup, that was why a lot of people had so much hope for the movie when it aired. It was our best chance at revisiting the Crusade storyline. *sigh*
As pilots go it was okay.Some good storylines that
could have developed,and interesting characters.

That's just the things that's been bothering me...it was a good pilot, but not a great movie. If he wanted to pick up new viewers and really make an impact, then I think JMS should have focused on making a really good stand-alone movie, and left a lot of the hanging threads and unanswered questions for the first season of the show (if it was ever going to happen). Why make such an intricate pilot movie when there's no promise of a show to follow it up with (no commitment to even a few episodes - like Crusade)??? I think that there was just too much left unresolved in the minds of the viewers - esp. new viewers who probably had no idea there was even a show in the works.

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