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Does anyone here play the B5:CCG? If so, I made some Rangers cards for it on my PC with my digital camera and photoshop...does anyone want to see 'em?

let me know and I'll post them somewhere and put a link here.
I couldn't tell what the date was on this post, but I'm answering now.
I used to play the game, still have a whole boatload of cards..I love to guess the episode just from the pictures!
Yes..I am interested in seeing what you did. They did only one or two Ranger cards, but if you ahve any good shots of the Ranger outfits from Lotr...puhleeas! I would like to see them! I'm trying to research an outfit to wear hopefully for Halloween. If not, I can come up with one of the other Ranger outfits just as easy.
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Sigma, I have never seen any info on vorlonspace.com
Are you sure you don't mean vorlonspace.org ?

yeah...that was the site i was pointing. Didnt remember it was .org /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

I'd be interested. I've been meaning to make some of my own - made one a few years ago ... it's a fun way to add to the game if you and your friends don't mind playing with non-official cards. I love the game myself.
I finally got the images posted over at Zeetec.net (thanks to whoever suggested it, very easy to do)

Here's the first card, It was inspired by the scene where Sarah is upset upon finding out about the traitor on board:


next up is the main man himself---David Martel. The screen cap didn't take too well on David and for some reason I made a vast majority of these cards as GIFs instead of JPEGs...oh well... here's the link:


and how could you have David without Dulann? Again, I appologize for the image quality...I was aiming my Sony Mavica at the paused VCR tape of Rangers from Sci-Fi. Linky:


I'm gonna post these now to test out the link. Please comment and I'll post more later. I'm especially interested in your thoughts on the game text. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
Well, it worked great!

Here are more links without so much commentary.



While I don't believe the Hand were so awesome, this card certainly is powerful. Note my attempt to limit it, though. Linky:


Heh, almost foolproof: Linky:


This was an odd special effect. But Sarah looked darn sexy doing it, no? Linky:


Here's their ship, Linky:


He's no good...well he's good at being bad anyway. Linky:


When I saw this scene, I almost screamed "That has got to be made into a card!" In fact, I think I did scream that, so I made it. LOL! Linky:


Promote him, and you'll be really glad he's there too! Linky:


Somehow, this link keeps taking me to a picture of G'Kar...weird, huh? Linky:



JMS sure can pick them red heads! Linky:


I really want this card! Linky:


The man means no Negotiation! /forums/images/icons/devil.gif Linky:


He's the ultimate spoiler. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif Linky:




And finally, the brick! /forums/images/icons/grin.gif Linky:


post here or email me (Darik_grey@yahoo.com) to tell me what you think!
nice cards morden..although you put too much intrigue to main characters (Tirk,Martels,Dulanns,Malcolms intrigue is not 5...maybe even 3 is too much..they are rather un-intrigueing (sp?) characters imo)

overall nice and very playable card /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Thanks for the kind words folks, anyone in the Gaffney SC area, or Spartanburg area that wants to get together for a game sometime (without my dream cards, I can't afford to print them but if someone does all I ask is that you send me a copy, email me if you want to do that /forums/images/icons/cool.gif ) can just post here or eMail me.

As to why there aren't all the characters...well...Firrell and the science guy (can't remember his name right now) didn't really do much in the show, afair, so it was difficult coming up with warranted game text. I tried to tie in everyone's game text with what they did in the movie. Notice David is a good leader, Sarah is big on tactical, Dulann has Psi, but only a little until he really tries, Malcolm is mr. sneaky, Tirk is big and strong, etc.
I hope you enjoy the cards, and if anyone has an idea for Firrell's card and the other Science guy's card (and his name) let me know. If you have a picture, I'll even get to work on producing them. Unfortunately, the copy of LotR I had to pull images from was a friend's tape and I have since moved away from him. But my new job as a Newspaper editor is certainly a nice consolation for losing my own personal Kosh (the friend was the same guy who originally introduced me to B5, and he would give me cryptic "Koshspeak" answers when I asked questions about things to come in the series...ah those were good days!)

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