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ATTN Channe

Channe, I assume that you are the same Channe from the abyss, posting in the thread about news on Jeremiah. I tried to find the link here on B5tv about SCI-FI's line-up for 05-06 which was just announced and didn't include JEREMIAH, but I couldn't. Maybe you could and let them know over at the abyss? I'm not registered there.

Channe is channe everywhere as far as I know. :)

I haven't found any (solid) information that Jeremiah will be moving to SciFi so right now it is mostly just a rumor. I also haven't seen the new lineup from SciFi either. Still, why not just register over at THE ABYSS. It isn't hard. ;)
Yeah, I heard about the lineup bit -- RRRRR! Thanks for letting me know.

I'm still trying to track down the rumors... maybe next season? There was quite a wait last year between seasons... but, then, most of our regular 'net sources are out of commission because they were all B5-related and JMS is out of the mix this year.

Pretty much -- if it's SF and it's Channe, you can assume it's me. For the most part. I'm not notorious enough yet to merit stalkers or impersonators. ;)