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Any news?


It's mid-march and I've still not seen any word on when we might see the remaining episodes from the second season of Jeremiah on Showtime. Any rumors out there?

Still no word from Showtime but I have been out of the loop for a while so I am not quite caught up.

However, there is a rumor about Jeremiah moving to SciFi Channel so maybe the remaining episodes will show up there. :)
All the info I have read on Jeremiah S2 indicated that it was rating pretty well.

That being the case, I cannot quite fathom why Showtime would choose not to broadcast episodes that they have already spent the money to make - but then that's exactly whay they did with Odyssey 5 last year, isn't it?
Canada's space channel is having its annual spacey awards this month, and Jeremiah has a nomination. Of course, it has no chance in winning because we would have to be able to watch the show to know if its good or not. Which is quite impossible with Global changing the times or just plain not airing it. :rolleyes:
Andromeda just moved to Scifi, too. Interesting, Scifi said they wanted no more space shows, but whatever. :mad: And ditching Farscape for Andromeda was not good...unless BB had stayed on Andromeda. *L* That would have been cool to see, just weird...and Andromeda always reminds me of a Whitestar.

Anyways...I hope they pick up Jeremiah. The channel needs good programs.
I wouldn't like to see it end up on SCI FI. If the eps have already been produced, then there will have to be some editing for content (ie titties and f-bombs) that would take some of the grittiness away. Also, Jeremiah isn't as science-fiction show per se, but that doesn't stop SFC anymore.

I also don't like SCI FI's track record with usurped shows. The only one they seem to have done well by is Stargate, but alas I never got into that one.

Hm, you're right about the grittiness. *sighs* But sometimes you're happy with what you can get, and artist integrity be damned.

I would fit it in a sort of Science Fiction/Fantasy genre, because it's set in the future, but...*shrugs* I think we need some new labels for shows that are outside of the box. My friend argues with me about Buffy being fantasy, but I think it very much is.
Buffy has vampires and demons roaming the Earth in latex. Buffy is fantasy. :)

As for Jeremiah, I'd like to see it move to the Sci-Fi Channel. I think it would still be an incredibly interesting show, even without JMS.
*laughs* But it has vampires and other beasties of the night, which makes it horror. *shrugs* I've always considered it fantasy. Buffy is just of a different grain than Highlander is, or Mutant X (which probably would be more Science Fiction), or hey, Charmed. All of it is related, even if they are so vastly different from one another.

*sighs* I hope Jeremiah starts playing again soon. I want the rest of the second season!!
I was at a book store yesterday and the person working there said "He has heard rumors that JMS is thinking about finishing Jeremiah in a book format." Has anyone else heard this news. I have been away from Jeremiah for quite some time.
Ok folks, I haven't heard about or seen about Jeremiah in what seems like years. Admittedly, I haven't checked either, but I'm doing so now.

So what's the deal? Last I remember, there was a season 2 of maybe half-a-dozen episodes, which I watched some of, but not the last 3 or 4 episodes, that a friend still has recorded for me from like ages ago. So was there more show after that? Is it canceled?
Our letter-writing campaign turned heads at Jeremiah HQ -- and I know people are still writing -- but I'm not sure it was enough.

I've heard "cancelled" from one place, "hiatus" from another, and "in talks" from a third. One thing's for certain -- its stars are finding other projects to do, like pilots and plays.

Jeremiah still has a network of people who care enough about it to try and keep it going on the inside; however, I wouldn't expect to see anything new coming out anytime soon, which is a damned crying shame.
I'm getting closer and closer to just getting on Lyta's site and reading the episode summary & spoiler info. I guess all of season 2 aired in Canada while we only saw the first 7 episodes of s2 in the U.S. I hear episode 8 was incredible.

I'll hold out a little longer in hopes that Showtime airs the rest or they come out on dvd.

Living on in Comics

Jeremiah Lives In Comic

From ScifiWire


Comic-book writer Andrew Foley told SCI FI Wire that he has penned an interactive comic that extends the story of Showtime's canceled SF drama series Jeremiah, created by Babylon 5's J. Michael Straczynski. Platinum Studios, the production company that developed the series, will publish the free comic, titled Jeremiah—The Last Empire.

"There are narrative threads left at the end of the [show's 35 episodes], ... a long story that's wrapped up very effectively by the end of 'Interregnum,'" Foley said in an interview. "So I don't feel as though I'm jumping into a storyline so much as starting a new one, albeit inside the world and with several characters created in the previous one." Foley said that the characters of Mr. Smith (Sean Astin) and Gina (Enid-Raye Adams) will be pivotal figures.

The Last Empire will be released online at the Jeremiah Portal Web site in five-to-10-page weekly chapters, following Showtime's broadcast of the series' final eight episodes this fall. The comic will then be packaged for print, Foley said. The series will run for more than 30 chapters, and Foley will write them with Ryan McLelland. Carlos Ferreira will pencil the comic through Fabricio Grellet's Magic Eye Studio. There will also be an interactive component: Readers will be able to click on a character to get background, or click on a shot of a city to get history, for example.

Foley credited Platinum chief executive Scott Mitchell Rosenberg with keeping the Jeremiah franchise alive. "Scott refuses to give up on Jeremiah," Foley said. "He's got a prequel film set at the time of the Big Death in development. He's got the role-playing game underway, which will flesh out Jeremiah's world in greater detail than ever before. And, without any immediate options for the television series—I'm told it's still possible that the SCI FI Channel might pick up another season—he's keeping the characters alive in comic-book form." SCI FI has made no announcements about Jeremiah.
Re: Living on in Comics

I think we all saw that coming.
Not the comics. The "cancelled" part.
What a shame.
People talk about the good ratings, Showtime is pleased and bla, bla, bla and the next thing you know, the show got cancelled.
It happened before with Odyssey 5 and now with Jeremiah.
We should start to keep our eyes open to these people at Showtime.

Re: Living on in Comics

From what I understand JMS and Showtime had issues with each other (Creative differences, I believe), so JMS was unwilling to do anymore shows for Showtime. There was a consideration of having someone else take over the show, but, apparently that didn't come forth.
Re: Living on in Comics

JMS and MGM had creative issues, not JMS and Showtime. At least we get to see the unaired episodes in the fall.
Long live hollow minds

Know what?


You have no idea how furious I am while writing these lines.

I am so tired of this world.
I am so tired of the disrespect most people hold towards true art.

I've just finished watching the 2nd season (the 4 last episodes were first aired about a month or two ago here in Israel).
I think Mr. Smith is one of the best charachters I've seen, since Mollari or Marcus. He's very loveable, mysterious, dramatic, eccentric...
Not one stupid show in this whole world has even ONE charachter that's HALF as deep as mr. Smith is.
Not one stupid show in this whole world has even ONE scene that is as sad and moving as the scene where Erine tells Marcus she loves him.

Everything in this world is PLASTIC
It's all bullshit reality TV shows that recieve so much money and ratings
Stupid heartless TV shows that use people's stupidity and sexaholic minds in order to achieve ratings.
TV has lost its soul since B5 is gone.
And now Jeremiah doesn't seem to have much future.

You know what?
I'm sick and tired of this.
People in this world are stupid. The people that run all those stupid TV channels are just a bunch of sons of a bitches, CRIMINALS AGAINST MANKIND NO LESS, greedy, stupid ass idiots who keep going for the same old sex-equals-more-money-equasion-based TV shows.

This world is a flashy circus for the idiots and the souless. There is no room for real art in this world.

JMS should stop trying, this is hopeless.

Should there be a miracle and everyone responsible for shows like Jeremiah hardly making it to their next seasons, should die in a bloody and horrible accedent, I would be a happy man.

Unfortunally that won't happen.

The Sheridans are dead, The Jeremiahs is dead, Long Live Britney Spears.

Times like this make me wish I had access to explosives.
Re: Long live hollow minds

Come down there, chief.
But you know what?
Very well said.
Just don't count on me for the explosives :LOL:


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