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Another loser from B5O

The Date is October 31, 2259.
The place: Babylon 5.


“How about that one?”

His mother pointed to a rubber mask resembling a Drazi. Tommy found himself staring at the innocuous human mask hanging next to it. His brow furrowed.

“It’s just a Drazi. It’s not very….. Halloween-ish.”

On cue, the shopkeeper approached and said, “Never mind that. I got somethin’ you’re gonna love.”


“You’re a wizard,” his father surmised.

“I’m a Techno-mage,” Tommy corrected. “And they’re better than wizards because they’re REAL! The guy at the Zocolo said hundreds of them came here and that’s where he got the idea to make the costumes.”

He looked at Tommy, dressed in a black tunic adorned with what looked like printed circuits, a leather hooded cape, and sporting a crooked staff topped with an imbedded crystal.

He was extremely skeptical.

“That’s great. So does that bald cap go with it?”

“Fan-fraggin-tastic!” Tommy crowed as he started down the corridor. His father was the new agricultural envoy to the Brakiri. That clearance allowed Tommy to roam the entire station, except Brown Sector, which his parents had forbidden.

The first door he approached was labeled STRACZ…. something. He was about to push the chime when he saw the sign posted under the card slot.


Tommy backed away and decided he’d go straight to the Alien Sector – the air breathing ones, anyway. Maybe they’d be friendly.





The door swung open and Tommy stood face to leg with a large Narn wearing a casual robe. He could hear female voices and muffled laughter emanating from another room. The door panel had read: G’KAR.

“Trick or treat!” shouted Tommy.

“What can I do for you? I am very…. busy,” the Narn said disinterestedly.

“It’s Halloween,” Tommy responded. Silence. “…. An Earth custom?”

G’Kar fixed the boy with a baleful red stare. “And you want…. a treat?

G’Kar reached into his robe pocket, withdrew a pair or lace underwear and dropped them into Tommy’s bucket.

“There you go. A gift for your mother. Now go away.”

The door swung shut, leaving Tommy to stare disbelievingly at the contents of his bucket.

I’m counting that one as a trick, he thought dejectedly.

Further down the corridor, Tommy stopped at a door labeled MOLLARI. He pushed the chime and hoped for the best.



The guy with the crazy hair ran about five steps from the door, then stopped and spun on his heel, puffing out his chest like some giant strutting bird.

“Trick or treat?” Tommy croaked.

“HOW DARE YOU? This is some kind of sick joke, yes?” Mollari said with a pained mixture of bravado and embarrassment.

“Aw, come on Mollari. Give the kid some candy,” said the smiling, well-dressed man seated across the room.

“CANDY? Gods! Look at me! I am humiliated! I have nearly soiled myself at the sight of this…. microscopic Techno-mage!”

“Just send him on his way and we’ll finish our arrangements.”

Mollari looked desperate. “Swear to me that you will not speak of this, this…. incident with your associates.”

Tommy heard a strange buzzing sound near the other man’s head, followed by an almost imperceptible nod. “Of course, Ambassador.” He suppressed a chuckle. “Your secret’s safe.” He winked at Tommy.

Mollari was flustered. “Well, for you then, Mister Morden.”
Londo crossed the room to an ornate credenza and retrieved a small box. He bent down and waved it like a dog treat in front of the boy.

“Here, you little monster! You will like these. They are laced with alcohol.”

He tossed the box into the bucket. “Feh! Good-BYE!”

The door swung shut, to Tommy’s relief. Something bad was going on in there.


“Whoa,” Tommy gasped at the sight of…. well, he didn’t know. But whatever it was, it had the coolest costume he’d ever seen. It was also blocking his path.

“Hi,” Tommy said. “What are you supposed to be?”

“KOSH,” it said in a voice echoing with the sound of chimes, wheezes, and disembodied whispers.

“Whoa,” Tommy repeated, enthralled. “You want to Trick-or-Treat” with me?”

It loomed over Tommy, the eye aperture on its encounter suit narrowing for a closer inspection.


Baffled, Tommy asked, “Is that a yes?”


“Great!” Tommy cheered. “But I haven’t had much luck here. Blue Sector’ll have better treats. You like Tootsie Rolls?”


Alright! Let’s go!”
LOL! This one cracked me up all over my morning coffee and made my co-workers ask what was so funny. Hee hee hee!
ROTFL!! I loved G'Kar's treat and you had Londo down pat /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

I just loved the warning above the STRACZ door... cracked me up big time!!!