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An interesting question re: swearing


For those of you who watch Jeremiah OUTSIDE of the U.S.: do you hear a lot of swearing? What's the graphic-violence quotient? For example - there's a bunch of shirtless women in the Showtime pilot. Did you see them, or were they wearing shirts (as they shot it for U.S. syndication)?

I'm just interested in seeing what version of Jeremiah our foreign correspondents are viewing - Showtime's, or syndication's...
Usually European TV is less sensetive towards nudity and swearing than american TV and more sensetive towards violence.

But I haven't seen a non-US broadcast. I'm suspecting, though, that the topless women and the bad language will be broadcasted in European broadcasts.
Sky One shows it pretty much uncut in the UK - the topless women in the pilot and Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass made it to the screen without interference, as did the rough sex in And the Ground, Sown With Salt. The Tarrantino-esque dialogue seems to be present as well (although Kurdy also uses "freak" a lot - no way of telling whether it's an overdub for any given instance).

Whether this a good thing or not is another matter, as broadcasting regulations in the UK result in the show getting a late timeslot (one that Sky usually uses to show softcore porno thinly disguised as either documentaries or "reality tv"). The result is that its ratings aren't likely to compete with those of Buffy, Enterprise, SG-1 etc - a case of weighing up artistic integrity against financial considerations, really
Good question Channe!

Kurdy says "freak" a lot? I think they must be dubing because he does say "fuck" a lot.
Kurdy says "freak" a lot? I think they must be dubing because he does say "fuck" a lot.

That would strike me as totally unnecessary because we get to hear lots of "f**k"'s too.

Kind of like the old BBFC certification thing that let you use up to 2 f**k's and still get a PG - any more and it was an automatic 12. I always thought that was odd!

I did notice in Monday's episode (whose name I can't remember) that there was a lot less swearing than usual. Is this a JMS/Sam Egan thing??

If I remember right, Kurdy says freak and freaking a lot in the US version as well. I don't think its dubbed. I've just started rewatching the series again and have noticed both "fucks" and "freaks".

Just a question. Does the uncut version of Jeremiah have more sex/nudity than Six Feet Under? It's really uncomfortable watching cable shows with parents in the room.
It depends on the episode. There are definitely a few with quite a bit of swearing, but most of the nudity is in the pilot. There are some more tastefully done sex scenes later in the series, but not that much nudity, IIRC.

There was swearing. And there were titties and they were jiggling :eek:
Just confirming that we are getting the uncut version of Jeremiah.
I waited to see the second part of The Long Road before making any judgements. Part 2 was really excellent.
But JMS never takes the easy way out. Where other shows can jump right in to the characters, he's got to do all the world building first which results in a slightly slower start to the series.
Well I was just about to start this thread myself when I saw this one...

Here in Israel we got the uncut version (Saw "And The Ground Sown With Salt" yesterday - EXCELLENT episode).

I don't get why there has to be nudity... I mean, REALLY, it's so out of line! I don't mind seeing nude girlz and stuff, but comon, I'm watching this series with my sister and stuff... It's really makin' it all kinda awkward.

I don't want any spoilers 'bout the plot - but - can anyone tell me if there's gonna be much more nudity in the show? So far, of all 4 ep's I watch, I think only the #2 didn't have nudity, though it might have had it too, I'm not sure...

I don't care 'bout the swearing... But the rough sex scene yesterday was REALLY out of line.

Maybe JMS' fed up with all those over-clothed Minbarries... I think it might have drove him mad :(
Yes, "...And the Ground" is one of the best episodes (#5 on our charts) and is very powerful. I am glad you are getting to see it uncut and unedited in Israel. :)

As for how much more nudity? Not much really. Off hand I can only think of one or two episodes and they are fairly minor instances. One was entirely within context and the other was funny. ;)

I found the nudity odd at first (perhaps a bit gratuitous) and thought that maybe JMS was having a little fun now that he was able to do things he wasn't able to do before. However, now I really do think it was all necessary to establish that this world is not like the one we live in today. Sex and nudity is thought of and treated differently in Jeremiah's world and the audience needs to understand that. This wasn't aired on the regular networks so there was no need to coddle the viewers. Plus, I don't believe JMS would put something in just because he -can- but because it is necessary or good for the story.

As for the rough sex scene and other instances of sexualized violence (there is at least one more), you aren't the first person to complain about it. Again, I think it was necessary to establish that Julie was being controlled and victimized not only mentally but physically as well. Yes, the scene is disturbing but I really believe that was the point. The whole episode is quite distrubing so it fits right in.
The nudity and rough stuff serves a definite purpose: its a lawless world! It adds to the fabric of the Jeremiahverse. Lord of the Flies had some pretty brutal scenes in the book... which, in a similar way, paint the tapestry of "lawless" society. Just ask Simon!


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