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Alisa Alexander?


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Is there something i've missed Alisa Alexander who is that .. i know Lyta Alexander but it says Alisa Alexander on the Scifi sneak preview of B5:lotr site, this might just be an error but if its not im quite curious

It's definitely a mistake. You can hear the interviewer asking about Lyta Alexander in the transmission.

I'd guess that whoever made this cool flash panel thingy is not very knowledgeable in all things B5 - just as they got David Martel's name wrong (it says Martel in the transmission itself but Martell on the panel thingy).

The person probably just took a quick look/listen to the transmissions and created the short introductions based on what s/he thought s/he heard.

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Yes. There are a number of glaring spelling errors.

I suspect you're right, Kribu - or the project could have been getting behind, and they needed to get it out, and they forgot to edit one last time...

...either way, it reflects badly on the show that it was carelessly edited like that, at the same time that the animation, videos and the way they use the plugin kicks some serious arse.

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