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Alex Zahara returns to the fold.

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Well I have been a bad boy haven't I. The notice that my account might be deleated beacsue of inactivity has shaken me out of my stupour! Long story short...lots of family strife this last year and I have been swallowed up in it. I am out now and alive! My Mother had some big health problems amongst many other things, she is fine now thankfully. How have YOU all been? Where is Crazybilly, Lyta, Channe and the old gang? Does anyone know how to get ahold of Gus Lynch? I would love to contact him. Hope to tlak to you all very soon. Hey Lost was pretty cool huh? Our little Minbari did a wonderful job! Take care and be well...oxox your old friend Alex Z. :p
Glad to see you back, Alex! I'm glad all is going well for you now. As for how to get ahold of Gus, I don't know. Maybe he received the same notice that you got and get back here again too. If nothing else, Antony may have his email address for you to get ahold of him. Take care!
That sounds like a very interesting play. Welcome back, Alex. :) Yes, Antony said he was cleaning up the membership list. I thought that was just booting bad email addresses, however.

A few of the old crowd have popped back in, I see. :D

So, do you know anything about TMoS? This mysterious B5-movie-to-be? :D
Hey Alex! Glad to have you back, and for me (since I'm new compared to the "old gang"), glad to meet you.

Sorry to hear of your family problems and glad to know things are better.

I also know you've been at least somewhat busy with SG-1 in recent times, and was also wondering if you're appearing on Atlantis anytime soon.

Your work is exemplary! Just thought I'd let you know. :)

Hopefully, you'll get to play a role in TMoS, though I'm sure you'll be hidden behind some latex and we'll have to find you.

Anyway, wonderful to have you back, and give my best to the cast and crew of SG-1 next time you see them.

Alex! Hey there! Nice to see you! :)

**RW suddenly wants to go watch the Ranger movie again.**


Glad to hear all is well. As for the gang, Crazybillyo and Channe still post here, albeit not as much as they used to. Lyta's been busy because she's had a baby. You can check this thread at her board for detail and baby pictures:

Lyta update

As for me, I'm still my crazy posting salad bar guy self. :D
Sheesh...that Antony didn't even exclude our resident celebrities? :rolleyes: Tsk, tsk.

It's nice to see you back, regardless. I'm sorry to hear about your family trauma but it's good to see that things are improving for your mom, in particular.

Channe and CrazyBillyO have been busy it seems. We haven't seen them around a lot. As RW has already posted, Lyta is a new mom. You should check out the pics of baby Davin. Such a darling. :D

I checked on Gus' email address. Unfortunately, it bounces. If he was on the purge list, he would not get notice that you did. Perhaps someone else will have an idea of how to reach him.
Where have I been?

Sleeping. :p :)

I haven't seen Channe around much at all these days. I'm off doing... stuff. Masters is almost done. No idea what comes up next. My brain is bacon. Not the good kind, either. Stuff happens. Oh well. But I'm here now! For the time being anyway. Then I leave to do other stuff.
Welcome back Alex.

I have Gus's email addy and will get in contact with you. I did such detective work to find it a few months ago!
Ack! It's my favorite Minbari prophet! Yay! (Oh, wait, I'm getting my shows mixed up...)

It's good to see you kicking about. I'm around the forums -- I don't post as much as I used to, but I definitely still read and moderate. I now have two-and-a-half jobs, go to graduate school part-time, and am planning a wedding. Other than that, well -- I'm still writing that damned Rangers fanfic (yes, I'm a dork) as well as a novel, and am among the thousands attempting to psychically convince JMS to let us know something about TMoS already.

Ah, crazybillyo's right -- when in a Master's program, 'brain is bacon.'

I hope that you're working, because it'd be nice to see your mug on TV again. We were all pretty annoyed when Ezekiel was gunned down, 'cause he was the coolest. wierd guy. evaaaar.

Still rockin' and rollin' at B5TV.