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Abyss Newletter Spaz Out (S2 SPOILERS)

First, thank you Monica and Channe for the lovely newsletter. Kiss, kiss. Love, love

Now ...
1) Theo = G'Kar
Yes! Perfect! I love it! Greatly looking forward to The Book of Theo.

2) More Markus! More Erin! More Theo!
Well it's about frikkin' time. Can we say "ensemble"? Well obviously Mr. Straczynski can. Now if we can fit in some more Meaghan ...

3) Smith. Mister Smith.
"God's sock puppet."
Holy sock!

4) "There's actually a way I found to bring down Valhalla Sector that's probably the creepiest, unsettling, meanest thing I've ever done in writing." (JMS)
What!? WHAT!? Taunt them with their inevitable horrible demise and then make them wait until April?
Thank you Celle! Now you know why it took so long to get that newsletter out.

1) OMG ... I fear what will be in the "Book of Theo"

4) Yeah, no shit huh? That comment -really- peaks my interest. It could even be May ... or June or July.
I wish someone would say when the next season will begin. *sigh*
Did you girls send out a newsletter today. I didn't get one but reading your post it sounds like you sent one out. Just wondering

BTW, I think your newsletters rock, one question how can I have a friend that I believe would like to receive your news letter, I have been sending her mine, if I give you the address could you add her to the list.


Yup, we sent one out Monday morning.

If you want to send me your friend's address via a PM or personal email, I can send her an invitation to join the newsletter group. Also, it is odd that you would not have received yours yet so if you give me the address you signed up for, I will see if your account has been suspended or something which is what happens if Yahoo!Groups gets too many failed emails from you.

In any case, the archives are open to the public and can be read here:

Thanks for the update, when I check last night about 10:30 central time, it had not shown up; however, I did have it this morning. It was a great read, I can't wait till S2. Thanks again for all the hard work you girls are doing.

And thank you for being there to read it.

I still can't get over the fact that we are approaching 300 newsletter readers!
I was happy when we reached 100.

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