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A newbie's journey

A newbie\'s journey

Ron Epstein, all-around good-guy and co-founder of The Home Theater Forum, was recently convinced to give Babylon 5 a try. He'd never watched the show before, but was a witness to the almost fanatical fervor of the fans (like yours truly) who used the Forum and its live chats with Warner Bros. execs to lobby for a DVD release of the series as far back as 1997. So his curiosity was piqued and one day he posted a message asking if the show was worth the investment of his precious money and even more precious time.

This is the thread that contains the discussion that led him to take the plunge. It covers the many arguments and suggestions made regarding the merits of the series (which are interesting for the different points that different fans emphasize) and also Ron's reaction to the show at various points through the end of S2 as he tries to get a handle on the story and where it is all going. I've read this kind of "Diary of a B5 Newbie" before, and always fing them interesting. Without taking the analogy too far, it bears a certain resemblance to the experience of taking a child on a ride you enjoyed as a kid. There is this odd sense of time folding over on itself, as you simultaneously remember your own first experience of the ride, and vicariously share the other person's.

Anyway, I thought some of you might also enjoy reading those posts, from a forum with a slightly different focus.


Re: A newbie\'s journey

Thanks for that thread Joe. It is fun to read someone's first time experience watching the show. Someone in there hit it on the head, saying he is a bit envious of Ron being able to experience it for the first time (especially on DVD).

I lost my HTF account and may create a new one (even though I pretty much have all my HT gear) just to post on that thread.
Re: A newbie\'s journey

I have been following that thread and it is very interesting. Reading his feedback after the frenzy of season 3 and 4 will be even more interesting.
Re: A newbie\'s journey

Sadly, Ron's comments are few and far between. You have to pore through 8 pages of postings to find his 10 or so entries - with half of them before he received the DVD set.
And his postings don't carry the insight or vicarious thrills of Channe's postings back on the SciFi bboard. Still, us old B5er's are always looking to tap a new vein of newbie juice.

In the absence of a B5:TMoS update, it will have to do.
Re: A newbie\'s journey

I found a few of those stashed in my hard drive the other day -- I really miss being a newbie to the show, especially since I had a new episode to watch every evening on SciFi. Thankee B5_Obsessed. ;)

I want new B5 so I can write more newbie columns. ;)
Re: A newbie\'s journey

Very interesting.
Is really funny to see how the things get unfold in a vision of a newbie.

It makes me feel like watching again.

I introduced B5 to my sister and my brother in law and I remember they calling me almost every night to tell how thrilled they were with the show or simply to ask a question.

Moments like those makes you feel like part of history (at least in terms of TV) and the big question is:
Will we have a chance to revive those moments with other B5 shows in the future?
I really hope so.

Real life can be cold sometimes.
We need some fiction to makes us dream and warms us so we can face another they with a clearer mind.

Re: A newbie\'s journey

It's from following his "journey" that took me back to this site. I was searching for B5 stuff and found the home theater forum.
It's been loads of fun to follow his reactions; I hope he warms up to S4 soon!

Re: A newbie\'s journey

I'm sure he will. I've always had mixed feelings about Season 4. At first I thought it was almost as good as Season 3. Then I realized it wasn't but had its highlights. Now I am of the mindset where it isnt as INTENSE as Season 3, and does have its slow parts (in the middle) but really is just as good as Season 3 but in a different way and a different feel. Season 4 definately FEELS different than the other seasons, I am sure he will learn to appreciate it for what it is. :)
Re: A newbie\'s journey

I have been following this for the last few months over at the "Home Theater Forum". Although I haven't been brave enough to register and post there, (very serious forum) It was a thrill following Ron Epstein's journey through the show. It took him quite a while to get to S5, but he just finished yesterday.

It was also fun to hear comments from our own Joe D. and others as he went along.

It's such a thrill hearing from someone experiencing the magic of B5 for the first time! If it were possible to be "brain wiped", I'd be tempted, just to experience the show for the first time again! :D

Re: A newbie\'s journey

It's such a thrill hearing from someone experiencing the magic of B5 for the first time! If it were possible to be "brain wiped", I'd be tempted, just to experience the show for the first time again!


I love it! :D

Oh, and I love purple too, so I think you have a cool nick. ;)
Re: A newbie\'s journey

Yeah, it was fun watching Ron's journey. For those who don't have time to read the whole thread, here's Ron's summation of his experience:

I wish to thank all of you who nudged me along, answered my questions, and supported my viewing experience. I can proudly say that this was the best science fiction series I ever watched.

Pretty high praise from a guy who started out asking, "Do you think this would be worth my time?" :)


Re: A newbie\'s journey

I can't believe I just read all of that.

I hope he takes the time to watch In the Beginning, especially since he commented on being dissappointed on never seeing the Londo/G'Kar death scene followed up on.

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