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A Club For People.....


Beyond the rim
That are not going to see Seabiscuit... EVER.
I saw the preview a long time ago. First impressions as follows:
-Good god! Didn't we kill that idiot that played Spiderman?
-I wouldn't watch this movie if a terrorist organization threatened to kill me and my loved ones if I didn't.
-Some lame ass newspaper in tee dot gave it a very positive review. They gave Bad Boys 2, a movie which I absolutely loved, only 2 stars. Whatever, we all know what I think of movie critics.
-Ebert and Roper, hate Bad Boys 2. Ebert seems to LOVE Tomb Raider 2 (which I just watched, it was a godawful movie, and I wanted my money back), and they're both ranting and raving about Seabiscuit.

What I want to know is, are there people out there that are willing to stand against this evil and boycott Seabiscuit??
We can make it a club, and have meetings and stuff. With beer, lots of beer :D
I've seen neither Bad Boys 2 (or 1) nor Sea Biscuit. But if I had to choose, I'd choose the horse movie over the Michael Bay cheesy action sequel with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.
Saw it. It was really quite good. If you choose to miss out, your loss. And critics are subjective. Just because I don't like women doesn't mean you don't like women.

Calm down. It's only a movie about a horse.
Yeah but that horse has the stupidist name ever. I almost don't want to see the movie becuase it has the worst title ever
Pardon me if I overstep the line here, but that's the dumbest reason I have ever heard to not see a movie.
I'll probably catch Seabiscuit when it come out on DVD and I saw Bad Boys II on Saturday. Wasn't a bad movie, but I actually looked at my watch wondering when it was gonna end. Speaking of horse movies, I kinda wanna see Hidalgo, with Viggo Mortensen. And then on Halloween they are re-releasing the original (director's cut) of Alien to theaters. I'm down for that. :D
Yeah but that horse has the stupidist name ever. I almost don't want to see the movie becuase it has the worst title ever
Atleast I despise the actor starring in it, and consider the overall storyline to be incredulously lame. But hey, the name can be a reason, just as long as you're a part of the club, I can respect your reason.

GKE - Stuff blowing up, fast cars, witty comments, really hot black chick VS the most annoying human being... on a horse. I'm very very dissapointed.
Okay, so my main reason is that I hate the actor starring in it, but I hate him an AWFUL LOT! Even more so than...... DiCaprio, and I used to hate him quite a bit.
Of all the reasons you gave for seeing Bad Boys II, only one captures my attention.

Mmm... Gabrielle Union

As for stuff blowing up and fast cars... been there, seen that... boring. Witty comments? I'll stick to Monty Python and Oscar Wilde for those.

And I don't hate Toby McGuire. I actually thought he was the best thing about Spider Man.
...and consider the overall storyline to be incredulously lame.

I honestly don't know what it's about except that it's supposed to be a true story. I admit that I thought it looked stupid but I'm hearing good things about it. I probably won't see it in the theaters but I'm sure I'll see it eventually.
Pardon me if I overstep the line here, but that's the dumbest reason I have ever heard to not see a movie.
Except I didn't actually say that. Perhaps you should reread my statement, I said it ALMOST makes me not want to see the movie. And I see nothign wrong or stupid about that. It's basic physchology. If they want me to see their movie, they need an appealing title, otherwise I will be naturally averted
I really don't know what else they'd call it. It's the story of a real life race horse, and its name just happened to be Seabiscuit. I do think that many race horses have silly names though.
That was my original view of it too, it looked stupid. But the damn reviewers made me really spiteful by giving a movie I loved awful reviews, and a movie that looks really stupid to me amazing ones. So, yes, I am a spiteful prick, and I refuse to ever see Seabiscuit.
There are plenty of movies that i thought looked stupid in the preview but ended up being a favorite. For example.. The Man Who Knew Too Little. Looked downright awful in the previews but is absolutely hilarious. Bill Murray at his best. I won't even stop at previews. I actually hated the Big Lebowski the first time i saw it. Reluctantly saw it again and now am amazed by how awesome it is every time i see it. So don't let an actor (don't like dicaprio but liked Catch me if you can) or a title or a preview throw you off. And never listen to critics or friends. Unless it's me then you should listen.

Side note. Laura Croft was the most stupid movie i'd seen in a while. Action - meh, writing - meh, stunts - meh, story line - meh. I give it on big MEH.
You mean Tomb Raider, don't you? Lara Croft is the actress :D
Yea, it blew huge chunks.
I agree with Catch Me If You Can, it's what gave me a tiny bit of respect for DiCaprio.
Bad Boys two just looks tedious. Not every movie demands a sequel even if the first was somewhat enjoyable.

I would not mind seeing the horsie movie. It seems like an interesting look at depression era America and relationship between the classes.

I'm just glad that Solaris has not invented some new form of cudgel, which seemed to be the case from the thread title.