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a callout from JMS?


I'm in a hurry, so I decided to post this where it'd get the most traffic... sue me /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

from jmsnews.com:

Anyway...just a call out from here to B5 fandom, to see if it's still there, so we can get together one more time on a biggie.

Odd way to end a message that primarily dealt with Jeremiah, isn't it? Could this be the rallying cry for a B5 feature film? Here's hoping...
That would be nice, wouldn't it, LH? But I'm afraid it's just common sense he was using.

People who liked B5 like his work. Thus, they might like Jerimiah.

Oh, if ONLY it were a rallying cry for a movie or even better a series. /forums/images/icons/frown.gif
Many B5 fans started watching Jeremiah because he's attached to the project, and got into the story that way.

This was also posted on the rastb5m board, where he could reach those B5 fans who may not have been watching Jeremiah.

He's counting on the fact that his fans will want to continue to watch his work. The callout doesn't have anything to do with B5 besides the fact that he knows a lot of us are out there watching...
Here's to hoping from this end as as well it for a B5 feature film as to Jeremiah JMS being involved in it has my interest .

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