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3 year arc?


Beyond the rim
now that the shadows (=vs!!) have been defeated, what's left out there? oh, doh! the drakhs (=some other smaller militant group(s?)). so what else is there? who's marcus (i bet it's smith!!). as b5 had 5 year arc and shadows were defeated @ s3, jeremiah's shadows are now already at the beginning of s2 gone. maybe big d didn't wipe out say.. australia? maybe actually australia is the real shadows! big war ahead perhaps? need to organize everyone? ummm.. thoughts?
everyone thinks the VS story is totally over. Im sure there are more people from VS out there then just those at the base. But it is true that there are other countries out there . It will b e fun to see what happens

JMS did originally plan for a five year arc for Jeremiah but he may have kicked it up a notch or two when he knew he wasn't going to be returning.

Even so, I think he may have intended Jeremiah to be more about the rebuilding of their world (post-shadow war) rather than the events that led up to it (dawn of the third age).

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