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2nd viewing of Rangers, I have ALL THE ANSWERS....

Re: 2nd viewing of Rangers, I have ALL THE ANSWERS

Recoil, I agree 100% that David Martel isn't David Sinclair, but not everyone knows that JMS said that he wouldn't use time travel again. Although I have long since been informed by readers of the books that it could not be true, while viewing B5 on it's first run, I became convinced that Jeffery DAVID Sinclair was David Sheridan. There are many things in B5 that seem to hint at that, and others that make sense that way. It would have been reasonable for Sheridan and Delenn to take David back through time, place him with a family, and give him a new identity to try and protect him from the Drakh. Didn't happen, but would have been reasonable, so I can sympathize with 2M. No use getting bent out of shape over a theory.
hi i found some info its a time line


Early Febuary "Genius Loci". Lyta and G'Kar find a planet with a hive-mind that is killing Telepaths.
11 June River of Souls A group of Soul Hunters threaten Babylon 5 to recover the souls stolen from Ralga.
? September Sheridan and Delenn eventually become the parents of "David" ("War Without End", pt.2).
While on a good will tour of Down Below, Sheridan is nearly killed by the Drahk, but he is saved at the last minute by Vir, and the technomage Kane (N-The Long Night of Centauri Prime).

Lyta removes Garibaldi's inhibition from harming Bester ("Wheel of Fire", N-Final Reckoning).
The Telepath Crisis leads to the disbanding of the Psi-Corps (OM, "Value Judgements"/s). Bester escapes some disaster, abandoning his people. He is branded a war criminal and goes into hiding (N-Final Reckoning). [Based on the reference to "Seven years" in (N-Final Reckoning) referring to Bester's working with Justin Ackerman at the re-education camp at Amiento in Brazil). ["Call to Arms" says the Telepath Crisis was recent.]
About this time, John Mattheson is working for Psi-Corps, guarding a rogue telepath. He helps her trigger a locator allowing the rogue telepaths to destroy the enclave ("Path of Sorrows")
Lyta nearly kills Bester, but he escapes. Lyta dies sometime during the conflict [It is possible that she was intended to be the rogue telepath mentioned above who dies allowing the rogues to destroy the Psi-Corps enclave] (N-Final Reckoning).
Bester vanishes, eventually coming to Tarriff's Colony, where he hides out for three years ("Value Judgments"/s)

Garibaldi's daughter, Mary, is born ("Sleeping in Light").
The Long Night of Centauri Prime (pt.2) Timov moves into the Centauri Imperial Palace with Londo. Mariel begins spying for the Centauri Office of Development (N-The Long Night of Centauri Prime).
Legends of the Rangers

Mariel becomes involved with Vir (N-The Long Night of Centauri Prime).
December Carol Miles returns to Earth from the Omega 7 mining colony ("Every Night I Dream of Home").
14 December Vir returns to Centauri Prime, and is arrested for asking too many questions. He is released and sent back to B5. Timov is arrested on false charges of treason, and sent away from the palace (N-The Long Night of Centauri Prime, N-Armies of Light and Dark [Date given is 2267]).
Vir assists a trio of technomages to find and destroy all but the last of the Shadow Planet Killers (N-Armies of Light and Dark).
Late December A Call to Arms The Excalibur and the Victory are launched. The Drakh launch a Shadow Planet killer towards Earth. The Victory destroys itself to save the Earth. the Drakh do manage to infect the planet with an old Shadow disease. 240 destroyers are lost, nearly 7000 killed ("War Zone").
The Earth is placed under quarantine.
Shortly after the battle, the explorer vessel Explorer, Captain Matthew Gideon, arrives in Earth orbit, just after quelling a mutiny ("War Zone").
2267-70 The Babylon Project: Crusade

[Note on dates for Crusade. Normally I consider aired dates to be the order in which episodes occurred. Thanks to some juggling with TNT, we really can't do this with Crusade. I will try to explain -why- I have chosen the order for this season that I have. If you don't agree with these explanations, then you don't. I will try to indicate other asserted 'official' air-ordered as they come up.]


January War Zone [Date is an estimate; clearly takes place first, as it's the exposition episode. Black uniforms. ] With the Earth under quarantine, the leadership of the Earth Alliance appears to shift to Mars. Gideon is given command of the Excalibur, and to try to find a cure for the Drakh plague. He may have made a bargain with the Drazi and Brakiri to find this cure in four years, or return to Earth and spend the fifth year on picket duty ("Racing the Night"). The EAS Persephone forces a Drakh ship, fleeing the battle around Earth, down on Ceti 4. The Persephone is destroyed. On their way to test Excalibur's systems, they receive a distress call to Ceti 4, rescue an archeological expedition besieged by Drakh who are stuck there after attacking Earth. Captain Gideon's crew capture a Drakh.
[1 Jan - 5 Jan War Zone - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
9 January Durla makes Vallko the religious leader of the Centauri (N-Armies of Light and Dark [Date given is 2268 - obviously the dating screw-ups caused by TNT extended even to the novels...]).
[War Zone, according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
January Appearances and Other Deceits [Date is an estimate. They are wearing the Black uniforms but are given the gray ones] EarthGov's Political Affairs Office sends public relations experts, led by Mr. Welles ("The Fall of Night") to help the Excalibur's image. They discover a derelict vessel from an unknown species, hosting another alien species that threatens to destroy the ship. The new Uniforms are given to the crew.
February Racing the Night [Date is an estimate, First of the gray uniforms episodes made] On an unnamed world, the crew of the Excalibur discover a civilization destroyed a thousand years before by the same Shadow virus infecting Earth.
[27 Feb - 2 Mar The Long Road - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
[The Long Road, according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
[Mar Appearances and Other Deceits - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
[The Well of Forever, according to at least one unsubstantiated source
[30 Mar - 1 Apr The Memory of War - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
[The Path of Sorrows, according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
April The Memory of War ["Four months after"; Gray uniforms. Creation of the nanovirus shield] Rioting in various part of Earth due to the economic chaos caused by the Plague. Pope Bernadette II tries to calm the people. The technomage nanovirus is discovered on a nameless world, and defeated by Galen. Dr. Chambers uses the nanovirus to create a shield from the Drakh plague.
[Apr Patterns of the Soul - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
[Ruling from the Tomb, according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
Late April The Needs of Earth [Date is an estimate; gray uniforms] Excalibur visits the Praxis colony to rescue Natchak Var, an alien carrying the entire database of the Moradi culture.
[Apr The Needs of Earth - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
[Appearances and other Deceits, according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
[May Racing the Night - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
[Racing the Night, according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
13 May Visitors From Down the Street [Date is given in the episode. Gray uniforms] In the Eridani Sector, the Excalibur encounters a life pod containing two investigators from an unknown and unnamed alien species who claims that humans have been covertly visiting their world, and are involved in a secret conspiracy with their government. They are followed by a cigarette smoking alien who explains the Conspiracy. Gideon drops numerous copies of the galactic encyclopedia onto their world.
[13 May - 14 May Visitors From Down the Street - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
[The Memory of War, according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
Late May Each Night I Dream of Home [Date is an estimate; Gray uniforms; introduce Lockley] Excalibur rescues Lochley after a failed attack on Raiders. Excalibur visits Earth and meets with Steven Franklin. David Williams returns to Earth.
[May Each Night I Dream of Home - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
[The Needs of Earth, according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
Something appears to happen to the uniforms
[June The Path of Sorrows - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
[Visitors from Down the Street, according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
15 June Ruling from the Tomb [Date appears in the background; Black uniforms; Lockley and either haven't met yet or else is just distracted] The EA holds a conference on Mars to share information on the Drakh plague. Cpt. Lochley is on hand to supervise the event. The Excalibur is there to bring Dr. Chambers to the conference. There is a series of murders carried out by a Doomsday Cultist who nearly destroys the conference.
[15 Jun - 16 Jun Ruling From the Tomb - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
[Each Night I Dream of Home, according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
17 June Senna begins to spy for Londo on the Prime Candidates. Vir bargains for what he thinks is his greatest wish (N-Armies of Light and Dark [Date given is 2268]).
July The Long Road [Date is an estimate, Black uniforms; use of nanovirus plague shield] The Excalibur travels to Regula 4 to assist an EA vessel overseeing a mining mission against low technology resistance. Gideon and Galen discover that the colonists are being helped by the technomage Alwyn.
[Jul The Well of Forever - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
['To The Ends of the Earth', according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
[Jul The Rules of the Game - according to Official Chronology in B5 Magazine]
[Patterns of the Soul, according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
August The Well of Forever [Date is an estimate; Black uniforms] Galen suggests that the crew of the Excalibur seek out the "Well of Forever" deep in Hyperspace. There he puts the remains of his dead love in a memorial.
August The Path of Sorrows [Date is an estimate; Black uniforms] Excalibur crew uncovers an alien "sin-eater" of sorts who helps some of them deal with their painful emotions.
September Patterns of the Soul [Date is an estimate; Black uniforms] Excalibur is assigned to track down some refugees who have possibly escaped from Earth carrying the Plague. Gideon discovers that they were infected by Earth Force to cover up the military secrets they hold. Dureena discovers survivors from her home world, who have been infected as well.
Vir is allowed to return to Centauri Prime. He spies for the technomage Galen. Vir learns about the Drakh and Londo’s Keeper (N-Armies of Light and Dark).
September The Rules of the Game [Date is an estimate; Black uniforms] The Excalibur visits Babylon 5. Gideon and Lochley get to know one another better, while Eiberson deals with a man threatening his ex-wife and cat.
??? Value Judgments/s – By Fiona Avery (An unproduced episode?)
Excalibur visits Tarriff's Colony, and there they encounters Bester. In exchange for his help, they help Bester to escape.
['Value Judgments', according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
??? Tried and True/syn – by Fiona Avery (An unproduced episode?)
Dureena is interrogated by the Thieves Guild
['Tried and True', according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
[Rules of the Game, according to at least one unsubstantiated source]
Sept 2 or so - To The Ends of the Earth/syn – by J. Michael Straczynski (An unproduced episode?)
Almost two months since the new uniforms (red & grey) arrived. an accident' in the ship's laundry destroys them. The Excalibur encounters a hybrid Shadow vessel.
Sept 3 - The End of the Line/syn – by J. Michael Straczynski (An unproduced episode?)
Excalibur and Galen track the Hybrid ship back to its base, an EA research base. The technomage/Shadow connection is revealed. Gideon takes the whole story back to Mars where he is shot in a cliffhanger.
['The End of the Line', according to at least one unsubstantiated source]

18 March Vir loses Mariel to Durla in a poker game (N-Armies of Light and Dark [Date given is 2269]).

5 May Sheridan learns of the "munitions plant" on the Centauri continent of Xonos (N-Armies of Light and Dark [Date given is 2270]).
May G’Kar, Garibaldi and Lou Welsh travel to Centauri to check out the plant. Welsh is killed. In repayment his killer and a number of Prime Candidates are blown up by Vir. The underground resistance is born (N-Armies of Light and Dark [Date given is 2270]).

Sometime before this, the Drakh Plague is cured by the crew of the Excalibur (N-Final Reckoning, N-Legions of Fire).

18 January Several Centauri munitions plants are blown up (N-Armies of Light and Dark).
15 Febuary Bester is flushed from a hide out in a hollow asteroid. He goes to Maui Colony. Garibaldi starts tracing the leads (N-Final Reckoning).
On Maui, Bester runs in to Lt. Derrick Thompson, a telepath in Earth Force. He leaves a false trail in Thompson's mind (N-Final Reckoning).
*March ["Spring"] Bester returns to Earth, and hides out in Paris. Thompson begins to work for Garibaldi (N-Final Reckoning).
April Bester robs a pharmacy (N-Final Reckoning).
Bester kills Justin Ackerman. This eventually leads the police and Garibaldi back onto his trail. Garibaldi apprehends Bester (N-Final Reckoning).
Bester is tried for war crimes and is sentenced to life imprisonment at the same "teeptown" he grew up in in Geneva (N-Final Reckoning).

The Centauri "Year of Long Knives" (N-Armies of Light and Dark).

18 April Durla tries to take down Londo, and fails (N-Armies of Light and Dark).

14 May Londo learns of Muriel’s dreams (N-Legions of Fire).
The Drazi ambassador to Centauri is assassinated by a mob. His assistant replaces him (N-Legions of Fire).

30 March Londo’s memory is failing (N-Legions of Fire).
Rem Lanas, Vir’s explosives expert is captured, and dies under torture. Angered by this, Durla locks up the man responsible, Milifa of House Milifa, one of the Great Houses (N-Legions of Fire).
Vir encounters Shiv’Kala the Drahk (N-Legions of Fire).
9 September The Great Houses erupt objecting to Durla’s treatment of one of them (N-Legions of Fire).
23 September Londo learns of Durla’s plans (N-Legions of Fire).
24 September Durla is nearly assassinated by an agent of the Great Houses. He is saved by G’Kar, who is arrested for the attempted assassination (N-Legions of Fire).

24 September G’Kar and Londo have dinner (N-Legions of Fire).
Durla begins to abuse Muriel (N-Legions of Fire).

David Sheridan is given his "Gift" from Londo, and the Keeper attaches to him. He escapes from Minbar and flees to Centauri Prime (N-Legions of Fire).
29 November Londo learns of Durla’s abuse of Muriel and attacks Durla. The Keeper makes him regret it (N-Legions of Fire).
3 December Londo contacts the dying Timov to apologize (N-Legions of Fire).
The Centauri fleet is finished and moved into position to attack the home worlds of the Interstellar Alliance (N-Legions of Fire).
25 December Londo meets with Vir, and suggests a target to hurt the Drahk (N-Legions of Fire).
Delenn and Sheridan are captured on Centauri Prime, attempting to save their son (N-Legions of Fire).
31 December Vir destroys the Centauri "Tower of Power", revealing the Drahk presence on Centauri Prime, and the existence of his "Legions of Fire". Durla goes insane and kills his senior ministers. Muriel dies killing Durla (N-Legions of Fire).

i hope that i didnt affend any one /forums/images/icons/confused.gif
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Date given is 2268 - obviously the dating screw-ups caused by TNT extended even to the novels...)


Can't blame this on TNT. Peter David screwed up some of the dates on his own, and the errors were not caught in editing. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif (Actually the errors are pretty consistent, suggesting that David was given a key date that he calculated everything else from. Either he made a mistake recording the date, or he was given the wrong information in the first place. Either way, this has nothing to do with TNT, since the events he was working on had little relation to Crusade.)

A Call to Arms seems to have taken place at the end of 2266 (since preparations are under way for the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Interstellar Alliance. This would probably be observed in early 2267 - five years after the IA became a working entity with Sheridan's inauguration in January of 2262.) "War Zone" is set a few days or weeks later, probably shortly after New Year's Day 2267.

The chronology for the last part can't be correct because In the Beginning has a graphic at the start of the framing sequence that clearly says "2278 Earth Calendar" - which is consistent with the dialogue in "War Without End." Since ItB takes place on the day Londo dies, the day Sheridan is twice brought to the throne room, the climactic events of the Centauri trilogy cannot take place in 2277.

BTW, Crusade would have covered approximately 2267 to 2271 or '72 - not 2270. (The first season may have taken about a year of story time, but not coincided with the calendar year, since the original plan was to pick up the story about 6 months into Excalibur's mission. The plague would have been cured in 2268 or '69, and the focus of the series would have shifted to Earth's experimentation with Shadow tech. "Value Judgments", "To the Ends of the Earth" and "The End of the Line" are certainly all unproduced scripts, the three that were available on Bookface.com. The others named are either scripts that were completed and never produced or commissioned and planned, but never written. (I believe the second Fiona Avery script mentioned was completed and that she sells - or used to sell - copies of it at conventions. Not sure about the others.)


For the naming of David Martel, I believe there was a Sci-Fi contest that you entered and if you won, the Rangers captain would be named after you. I believe David Martel resides in Washington D.C. or State, so JMS' little naming of Martel had jack didally squat to do with that. I could be wrong though. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif (on the name thing) And no way at all is David Sheridan, Jeffrey David Sinclair, or David Martel the same person, in any way. And if time travel is likely, I'll shoot myself.

Funny note, IF, real damn big texas sized if, Jeff was somehow Johns and Delenns son, he would be Delenns son, and her great-x grandfather, and his too...really weird family if you ask me...
Nah, that was for naming Captain Gregg (Cregg?) - the guy that got killed within the first minute of the movie or so. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

David Martel was named way before that contest.
Re: 2nd viewing of Rangers, I have ALL THE ANSWERS

Well, not only is that a lot of text to post but it also looks like you lifted a large portion from another web site. Why not just post a link to that site like this:


I guess it is not a big deal really, but I might be irritated if it was my web site since it looks like a lot of effort was put into compiling all that information. At the very least, you should have given credit where credit was due. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif
They were very honest about that during the contest, I remember. "Whoever does win will have a captain named after him/her. Of course, that person is likely to die very early in the movie..."

It was a cute thing to do, but JMS didn't want to be stuck with a name he really didn't want. But I guess he figured that he could put up with any name for that brief a time.
Naming contests

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Nah, that was for naming Captain Gregg...


JMS doesn't have much luck when they do these little contests. He always ends up with a name that makes people think he is referencing some other film or series, instead of honoring a fan. When they did this for B5 the killer telepath from S5 was named after fan Jonathan Harris - but everyone assumed he was named after the actor who played Dr. Smith on Bill Mumy's old series, Lost in Space. Most folks (at least those of a certain age) who heard "Capt. Gregg" during the Rangers pilot probably thought of either the movie or the TV series The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - and wondered why the heck JMS would have named a characrter after the Rex Harrison/Edward Mulhare role. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif


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Originally posted by Kribu:
<font color="yellow">Nah, that was for naming Captain Gregg (Cregg?) - the guy that got killed within the first minute of the movie or so.

David Martel was named way before that contest.</font color>

Small nitpicky point, but that Captain was not killed. Martel called for a healer when he went down. That was all we knew, that he was either hurt or killed. Later G'Kar was talking to the Ranger council and mentioned that Martel saved the lives of his CAPTAIN and crew. So it seems that the guy was knocked out / seriously injured, but not killed.

Just doing my small bit for accuracy. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Ah, OK. Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

For all intents and purposes of that particular incident, he was as good as killed though. /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif
DUDE! Captain Gregg is still alive? I thought he died.

If so - if so -

*drools at the Redux possibilities*
I believe Dulann, when defending Martel before the Grey Council, said something about "saving the life of his captain and the crew."