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24- hour 23


We're down to the wire, folks. Only the finale left.

Who else enjoyed watching Bauer bully Lady McPalmer around, eh? Pretty sweet.

And now he's got heart problems. Should stay off those fried foods, Jack.

Kate Warner and Kim Bauer are so pretty, they should have their own TV show where they have pretty adventures together.
Ya, it was very sweet watching Bauer bully Mrs. Palmer. That had to be the best part of the show. 24 rocks

There are way too many threads about "24" in this forum...

..and 24 deserves every single one of them :p

Seriousley, if they bother you, just avoid them. It's quite easy.

Anyways..I feel certain that Lady MacPalmer will save the day. Maybe she'll go down while doing so, maybe not. We will see.

F§$%ing Chapelle. What a damned little ass-pimple. He and the Kerry bitch really, truely, genuinely piss me off. I will so enjoy it when Jack and/or Lady MacPalmer deliver the evidence and the 2 of them are standing there with no pants on.

I actually kinda enjoyed Kim in this episode. She had this cool psycho-look in her eyes. I think icing Psycho Dad really did change her. For one moment, I thought really did think she might shoot Kate. Now that would have been cool :D

What's the deal with Lynn? Did she make it? We never heard anything of her again, did we?
Truthfully, I'll be glad when it's over.
I've liked the show a lot... and hated it quite often.
The dirty tricks they've used to ratchet up the drama have left a bad taste in my mouth, but I'll stay with it through to the end.

I liked how Bauer is finally showing some pain, I just wish it had been more subtle. They could have had him limp, wince, or hold his chest over the past couple of episodes since his resurrection. Instead, Bauer was healthy as a horse for the past two weeks and now we witness three full blown attacks in this one episode - the second to last.

This show utilizes the soap opera tactic of giving you a bitch that you would love to kill, kick, piss on, and set on fire. That would be Kerry, in case you were wondering. I don't need to be feeling so much anger toward a fictional character. :mad:

Speaking of anger, what was with that hacker? He was the second asinine, irrational, crybaby, pussy, stupid S.O.B. in just a few episodes - the first one was the whiner in the convenience store. At least they both got what was coming to them.

Good ol' Mike is going to come around, I think.

One week to go.
Truthfully, I'll be glad when it's over.

I'm right there with you. As the season has gone on, the later hours have had a little too much nothing going on/ getting resolved compared to day one. These cliffhangers that lead nowhere are getting tiresome.
This season started out with so much potential and it's had its fair share of kick-ass episodes but I think they were trying too hard to have every character always doing something and constantly getting in and out of trouble, quite possibly a lack of Kim in several episodes. You think she might not be around next season?

I still enjoy watching it every week and will miss my fix of it when it's over with. Once again I'll buy the season on DVD when it comes out. I just hope the finale is going to kick some major ass. :)
What's the deal with Lynn? Did she make it? We never heard anything of her again, did we?
My assumption (which admittedly could be way off base) is that the absense of updates implies a lack of substantive change. In this case that would mean that she is still alive but in critical condition, probably in an ICU in some hospital.

Good ol' Mike is going to come around, I think.
He may well, but he is gone from his old job regardless of what happens.

His job was to aid the President. Even if he thought that Prescott was right, it was still his duty tell the President what was going on and allow him (not to mention help him) to prepare his defense.Not only did Mike not do that, he actively worked to prevent Palmer from having any opportunity to prepare. Mike went even further than that in blindsiding Palmer during the trial. While his words were correct, as far as they went, when he said that he wasn't in the room when Palmer had his final conversation with Stanton; Mike could, and should, have pointed out that they did not have any of that information when Palmer went into the room and that Palmer had it when he came out.

Even if Prescott were to remain the President, Mike has shown that he is willing to work actively against his current duties. He can't be trusted. He is gone from that level of *anyone's* inner circle.

There are some things that Kate learns relatively quickly:

"I don't think your dad trusts very many people."

Nooooooooo. Ya think? ;) :cool:
There are way too many threads about "24" in this forum...

Just one per episode.

I like it this way. It's good for those of us who are never home on Tuesdays and wath the tape some time between a couple days and a couple weeks later. It makes it much easier for me to read and make comments about what I have seen without getting spoiled for any eps that I haven't seen. (Well, .... not spoiled much anyway. I don't watch the "Next time on .... " segments just because sometimes the network nitwits put significant spoilers in them. Sometimes those get mentioned without spoiler warings in posts.)

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