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Gmail email addresses banned

Gmail email addresses banned
Due to Google's failure to secure its email systems against abuse, our messageboard systems are under continual attack from Gmail users. To this end we have had to regrettably ban Gmail/Googlemail users from subscribing to our messageboard.

Don't worry, you can still join
The easiest way is to use a non-Google email account to subscribe to our messageboard. Please use an email address such as one provided by your ISP, university, employer or Hotmail. Please click here to register with it in the normal way.

Don't have another email?
We will consider new accounts for Gmail users if you have NO other email address available to you. Please email @b5tv.com stating your required username. This process is not automatic, and we reserve the right to refuse applications we believe to be fradulent. Otherwise If you have a non-Google email address, please click here to register with it in the normal way.

We are sorry this action must be taken, but until Google takes reponsibilty for the security of its systems we have no other choice but to protect ourselves and our users from malicious behaviour.

Note: this does not affect existing users.