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Emailing B5TV.com terms and conditions

Please note that B5TV.COM is UK-based email address and subject to The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (PECR) and UK General Data Protection Regulation.

As such any email communications sent to a B5TV.com email address must comply with these regulations, most notably unsolicited email is forbidden and opt-in is required before any marketing communications.

Please note charges apply for abuse of the B5TV.COM email system notably:

£10 per email to process and clean up unsolicited per email. £25 per communication (email, written or telephone) in response to such violations.

Payment must be made within 28 calendar dates of notification of charges.

Appeals can be made and evidence of opt in with full IP address, time, and double opt in confirmation must be provided.

You may appeal these charges, to which we aim to respond within 30 working days.

If you do not agree to these charges, do not email B5TV.com email addresses. Any email sent signals acceptance of these terms and conditions.