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we all know what happened to sinclair , it has beem discussed here many times !!!! but what happened to poor zathras ?
I think the only thing we can say with confidence about poor Zathras is that nobody listened to him. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Actually, JMS has made reference to the adventures Valen and Zathras had in the 1250s ("quite a tale, actually"), which are outlined in his notes, but he's never been more specific, nor indicated that he has plans to tell us about these plans in any form. (Apart from pretty much ruling out the notion of a TV movie, both on practical grounds - only the hardest of hardcore B5 fans would be interested in a story with no Humans and hardly any non-Minbari - and because a fan posted a too-detailed story idea on a site where JMS was, then, still lurking.)

Maybe a novel or graphic novel will turn up one day.


Hmmm. Not good. *click cluck*.

No one build statue to Zathras. No one sit and remember Zathras. No one pay royalties to Zathras for repeated use of phrase "We Live for The One, We Die for The One". Zathras screwed as usual. Sinclair get all credit, while Zathras gets stuck washing and waxing Vorlon encounter suits. Tsk tsk.
The comic in which Babylon 4 is found shows Zathras acting as an aid to Valen. He spent his time making Minbari ships compatible with Babylon 4.
I've always wondere where the Zathras brothers (the Zathri? /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif ) came from. Are they memebers of a species that just "looks alike" to us humans? /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

Were they cloned? Vorlon-made? Or perhaps made by the inhabitant of the planet beneath B5.
This was agreat character as portrayed by Tim Chote. He was both funny and serious. "Not good," was his signiture saying throughout "War Without End."


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