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In honor of the great character Tim Choate created I was wondering if we could list some zathras-isms. I'll start it out:

"You are the beginning of the story...and the middle of the story...and the end of the story - that creates the next great story. In your heart you know what Zathras says is true!" - War Without End: Part II
Here's a few of my favorites.

"Cannot say. Saying, I would know. Do not know, so cannot say." -- "War Without End Part One"

"Zathras trained in Crisis Management." -- "Conflicts of Interest"

"Very damaged; Zathras can never have anything nice." -- "War Without End Part One"
Zathras is used to being beast of burden to other peoples needs...very sad life...probably have very sad death...but, at least there is symmetry!
So Zathras talks to dirt. Sometimes talks to walls or talks to ceilings, but dirt is closer. Dirt used to everyone walking on it. Just like Zathras, but we have come to like it. It is our role. It is our destiny in the Universe. So you see, sometimes dirt has insects in it. Zathras like insects. Not so good for conversation, but much protein for diet.
"There are ... ten of us, all of family Zathras. Each one named Zathras. Slight differences in how you pronounce Zathras ... Zathras ... Zathras."
I don't have anything to add other than to comment on another comment elsewhere:

Zathras only appeared in 4 espisodes?

Obviously, a great part and a great delivery.

(I think the "either way is bad for Zathras" is my personal favorite, as well.)
"Zathras not of this time. You take, Zathras die. You leave, Zathras die. Either way, is bad for Zathras."

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