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Your Top 5 Babylon 5 episodes (spoilers spoilers)

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I just recently finished watching all 5 seasons of B5 (for the second time) on VHS and I'm still bathing in the afterglow what is my favourite TV series ever. I'm not sure if it's been done already but I thought I'd post my top 5 favourite episodes (television at it's best).

Comes the Inquisitor - Like most here, this is one of my favourite episodes, it still manages to send shivers up my spine. The final passage of dialogue between Sheridan and Sebastian is gold.

The Face of Enemy - This episode shook me up pretty bad, especially when Bester revealed to Garabaldi the depth of his betrayal to Sheridan and the Alliance.

Sleeping in the Light - I still feel sad after seeing this episode, the realisation that it's all over and that none of characters will be coming back. It felt a little out of sync with the rest of series 5 (given that it was filmed at the end of S4), but it was certainly appropriate.

Z'ha'dum - JUMP! /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

The Fall of Night - Best episode featuring Londo IMO, the way he humiliates G'Kar in the meeting room and shouts down Sheridan is Peter Jurasik at his best.

There are plenty of other great episodes, but these 5 affected me the most (this time through). Kudos to JMS for creating such a fantastic series.
Re: Your Top 5 Babylon 5 episodes (spoilers spoile

It's extremely difficult to limit it to only five, and tomorrow I could easily think of a different five, but for today it's...

Confessions and Lamentations
The Long, Twilight Struggle
And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
The Long Night
The Fall of Centauri Prime
Picking only 5 is impossible /forums/images/icons/smile.gif So instead I'll do it in two lists:

Top 5 Non-Arc Episodes:

Passing through Gesthamane
Confessiones and Lamentations
A View from the Gallery
Deconstruction of Falling Stars

Top 5 Arc Episodes:
The Long, Twighlight Struggle
Comes the Inquisitor
Intersections in Real Time

Whew! Even breaking it up into two lists, I still feel like I'm leaving stuff out. Just goes to show how great B5 is
Top 5:

Severed Dreams
The Coming of Shadows
Intersections in Real Time

Best story:
Intersections in Real Time

Best CGI:

Best action:
Severed Dreams

Best non-arc:
A Late Delivery from Avalon
<--- 2 diamonds! Yeah!

"Whatever Happened to Mr. Garabaldi?" is my favorite episode.

"The Comming of Shadows" is great drama.

"Z'ha'dum" gets the award for biggest "WHAM!" episode ever. (Those of you who read JMS speaks on the Lurkers Guide know what I'm talking about)

"Sleeping in Light" is the most emotional episode of the series.

I think that the funniest episode is "Soul Mates".

1. The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

2. Shadows Dancing

3. Sleeping in Light

4. Endgame

5. Z'ha'dum

In that order.
With so many outstanding episodes it is always very hard to choose. My mind is always changing my current assortment looks like this:

Severed Dreams
End Game
In to the Fire
War Without End
In the Shadows of Z&#8217;ha&#8217;dum
Long Twighlight Struggle
Fall of Night

And the worst episode in my opinion

A Late Deliver from Avalon
Re: Your Top 5 Babylon 5 episodes (spoilers spoile

The best episode in my book HAS to be Severed Dreams.

How can anyone watch the Chuchhill do what it did and not be moved.....

Besides, it is only one of the Top 5 battle sequences of the B5 series, in my humble opinion.

Perhaps best fight, definately best quote ".... If you value your lives, be somewhere else!!"

And perhaps most? dramatic moment with Delenn and the Grey Council.

This episode locked me in as a permanent Babylon 5 fan, after being hooked by the preceeding episodes.
Like what you have recently completed, I too am in the middle of watching my entire VHS collection since I have them all /forums/images/icons/grin.gif So far I'm up to Z'Ha'Dum, and I've been away for a few days (in the perfect place for a break in the run) and will start s4 soon.

Now, out of the entire series, excluding tv movies, here's my five for today (in no particular order):

War Without End
Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi?
Sleeping in Light

ask me tomorrow and it would be like dropping another little rock into the Japanese Stone Garden.
top 5, in no particular order

racing mars
ceremonies of light and dark
a view from the gallery
sleeping in light
the fall of centauri prime

season 5 was definately the best season overall
After considerable thought and reading everyone else's favorites I think mine are

Severed Dreams - Won the Hugo Award

Za'Ha'Dum - I always see Delenn sink to her knees as she realizes Sheridan has gone

Sleeping in Light - Sad, sad, sad and yet that brilliant ending as Babylon 5 blows up

War Without End - The return of Sinclair and his destiny revealed

Endgame - I couldn't really choose the fifth one, there are so many others
War Without End
Well, I would have to say that my personal favourite episode is 'Sleeping In Light'. It is just a fantastic episode in it's own right and a perfect ending to the greatest science fiction story ever told.

As for the other four I am less certain as each episode has it's merits and it's flaws. 'Rising Stars' would have to be up there somewhere, a fantastic plot driven episode that is not reliant on action to carry it through. The scene between Sheridan and Bester is great.

'Tragedy of Telepaths' and 'Phoenix Rising' form a great 2 parter which is a brilliant, emotional climax to the telepath arc. Now I know that this arc has taken a lot of flack on these boards but I happen to like it, yes even Byron.

'Ceremonies of Light and Dark' is another personal fave which is often over looked. It forms the perfect half way point in the series. Everything is up in the air and nobody knows exactly what will happen next now that B5 has broken away from Earth.

'Day of the Dead' is a good character driven episode that really benefits from a guest writter. After watching JMS written B5 for so long you really notice the difference in style. I also love Neil Gaiman and he manages to work his magic on this episode.

'The Long Twilight Struggle' has been mentioned several times above, but it is a really fantastic episode full of action and drama. The final few scenes are very powerful, Narn being bombed "back into the stone age" and the council scene at the end. Fantastic.

Also format-breakers such as 'Deconstruction of falling Stars' 'Intersections in Real Time' and 'The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari' 'A View From the Gallery' deserve a mention for daring to be different. They save the series from becoming tired and stale by taking it in different directions and showing us other sides to the B5 universe.

On the opposite end of the scale we have 'Grey 17 is Missing' not an altogether bad idea, but it simply doesn't work. Is partially redeemed by the inaugeration plot line. Also 'Sic transit Vir' which is just plain terrible. An episode that isn't sure whether it wants to be drama with a hint of comedy or comedy with a hint of drama and as a result is neither. I cannot find a single redeeming feature in this episode. it is badly written with a poor plot.
There are so many but here are my fav's

The Unofficial 3 parter
1)Messages from Earth
2)Point of No Return
3)Severed Dreams

End Game

But i really loved all the episodes :)

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The Unofficial 3 parter
1)Messages from Earth
2)Point of No Return
3)Severed Dreams


Actually I would class it as a four parter along with 'Ceremonies of Light and Dark' all brilliant episodes.

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