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You got F'd in the A!


You got F\'d in the A!

I hope you folks are still watching the funniest show on television.

I haven't seen You Got Served, nor do I have to, because I know everything that happens. This kind of thing, like the Aspen episode, is perfect fodder for Matt & Trey. I love how the whole town was following the "rules."

"Stan served them!"
"Now it's on!"
"Oh my God!"

The dance routines were brilliant: Goth kid staring down, Raisins girl grinding the Asian video game addict.

And Butters. Always classic.

They also replayed my favorite episode of all time this week:
"Rob Schneider da dep dee dum, ta teetely tum."
Re: You got F\'d in the A!

This episode was not as great as most, but the main redeeming quality was Butters' part in it. I love the development of his character. Who would have ever known he had such a traumatic past. :)

And, while it does mess with continuity a bit, I'm glad he didn't suffer any permanent affects from what happened to him in the season premiere (won't say what that was in case it's still a spoiler for some people).

I know this is just a cartoon and a comedy--and the type of comedy where bad things happening to people is funny--but I still want good things to happen to Butters, for a change. Poor little guy. :)
Re: You got F\'d in the A!

Oh man, that ep was brilliant as well.
"Let's fighting love!"

The last ep, Passion of the Jew, was a little dissappointing. I was hoping their take on it would be a bit more sophisticated.

My two favorite eps with Butters are the one dedicated totally to him, with the drowning, and the Casa Bonita thing. His attempt to repopulate the species was priceless.
Re: You got F\'d in the A!

I didn't get to watch all of this week's episode; I'm gonna have to keep a lookout for a rerun of it. What I did get to see had me laughin my ass off though.

Have there only been three new episodes so far this season? I can't remember. Aside from this one, I only know of the ep about The Passion of the Christ and the Ninja ep. I hope that's all that there's been so far 'cause I don't wanna miss any.
Re: You got F\'d in the A!

I don't know how they organise the seasons or what, but Comedy Central replays everything a bazillion times, so it's easy to catch up.
Re: You got F\'d in the A!

Random repeats(not for the new one each week) are on mon-thur at 9:30. Butters and the "I'm such a non-conformist that I'll do it" argument were the best parts of this week. I thought they put the thought into the passion it deserved.

I love this show, now that it's under the radar they can get away with a lot more. This and Chapelle's show make a great hour.

"Does Wayne Brady have to choke a bitch?"
Re: You got F\'d in the A!

I have been loving the new season of SP so far, and this episode had me laughing my ass off even more. I absolutely loved the song Butters was always dancing to, "I Have Something in My Front Pocket For You". It was... magical. Just give it a little squeeze and say "how do ya do?" indeed.
Re: You got F\'d in the A!

Due to the tragic events in Hawaii, Awesome-O was shown instead of Lemiwinks.

The army was great "Mr. Scientist..." and his closing line to Cartman- priceless.
Re: You got F\'d in the A!

"Adam Sander is in love... with some girl, and she's, like.. a golden retriever... or something."

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