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Yet another Liandra design post


Killin' stuff.

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Well, it's not a "green slicer beam". JMS has said the Liandra does not have the "power" to use the distinctive "trademark" minbari weapon.

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maybe its a red one then

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Could be a pulsed version of a slicer.

Could be a pulsed version of a slicer.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Xzyl:
Could be a pulsed version of a slicer.


That's what they should all be, all the guns on the Liandra should be capable of firing pulsed slicer beams... the fighters do so it shouldn't take up that much power. Even if it is armed with pulsed slicer beams they would only be for combating fighters or in LotR's case mines.

The primary weapon would be the bolt weapons that we saw in the movie. However for some strange reason the bolts were orange, all the Minbari weapons in the past have been green so the bolts should be green, or maybe even purple because the Whitestars have purple colored bolts, but not orange. If it goes to a series they should say that the weapons systems coroded and the energy bolts came out orange instead of green or purple. This is just my take on the weapons, and it would be neat watching that thing shot the low powered pulsed slicer beams all over the place.

Anyway the middle weapon looks like it has the same fire power as the the side guns on the wings.

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While re-watching B5 LoTR I saw the Liandra has what appears to be a big nasty weapon barrel in her snout. Checking the creation of Liandra on the b5lr main site I did indeed see some kind of weapon barrel. Anyone have any idea for what (aside looks)?

Well, the Color of the various Plasma bolts reveals the Chemical Makeup of the ammunition that is flashed into Plasma.

There are a number of possible choices.
Various "generations" of plasma weapons would have tried out different compounds, just as our own current weapons use everything from solid lead, to brass jacketed lead, to spent Uranium depending on just what the particular ammo was intended to do and to what sort of Target it was designed for.

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