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Just feel like letting off steam....
I was shopping yesterday and went into a bookstore to do a bit of general drooling.... I found in there a copy of The Shadow Within.... the only B5 book I wanted that I haven't already got (apart from the third Technomage book).... I picked up all the others in Melbourne last time I was there, but I'd given up hope of getting them in my small town....

This shop had them ages ago, and then they disappeared, now a few old ones are back.... so I'm happy... I feel like celebrating....
*cracks open the brivari*

I have not lost my mind... it's backed up on disk somewhere!
Congratulations! Hope you enjoy the book. The only B5 book I've read so far is To Dream in the City of Sorrows, and I enjoyed it. I still have several books to read yet before I get really involved in the B5 books.

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One thing you have to be careful is that they're not all continuance. They're all separate stories on their own whcih even clashes with each other. My fav. was To Dream in the City of Sorrows since it was written by JMS wife and sanctioned by him.

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To Dream in the City of Sorrows was very good. The only other one of the "numbered" books that I've read (I'm missing 6 and 7, or 7 and 8...I don't recall) that is worth reading is #2- Blood Oath.

My favorites (of course) are the Centauri trilogy. The technomage trilogy is pretty good, but the telepath trilogy was pretty boring.

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I have read all 9 of the numbered B5 books and I enjoyed them very much. IMO, book 7, The Shadow Within and book 9, To Dream in the City of Sorrows were the best. They are considered canon which means they are actually part of the B5 timeline or whatever. But the other seven books are not considered canon and are losely based on the series. All of them are good reads if you are a true B5 fan (some are better than others), but books 7 and 9 are the best.

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