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WWZ fiasco

Raw Shark

I just ran across this piece on the myriad problems in making the 'World War Z' film adaptation.


I enjoyed the book, and was bummed that JMS took his name off of the project, after they brought in someone else (Lindelhof?) to rewrite his script. Although I really liked 'Lost' in many ways (partly created and/or written by Damon Lindelhof), I was disappointed in the ending. I knew that instead of explaining and tying up the various story threads, they would just end up saying 'Oh, well, it's a magic island.' Perhaps in the minds of the show's creators and writers, this cleverly negates any need to address anything else they've left hanging around. I call it a cop-out, but others might like this approach to writing. JMS released his now-rejected script for WWZ online, but I haven't read it yet because I wanted to see what the other writers came up with. Maybe WWZ will be the latest big-budget film to have multiple 'director's cut' releases over the course of many years, each one trying to get it more right than the others. It sounds like they've strayed pretty far from the source material and gotten off track.

Or maybe it will turn out to be a good movie. Interesting article, in any case, about how things can go awry. I think 'Waterworld' also cost around $200 million, once the dust settled.

Raw Shark

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