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Wow, $6,900 For Sheridans Uniform


Too rich for my blood....LOL

"Faith Manages"
Yeah, if you'll look you'll see that Franklins sold for like $3500 i think....what these ppl will pay for something they see on tv

I will remember that it's a tv show. I will remember ...

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by The One Who Was:
Too rich for my blood....LOL

I know mine too!
I was eyeing a couple of items with interest but I knew they would be way out of my price range. It is too bad that these things go for so much ...

For a full listing of what was sold and for how much (warning, the listings disappear two weeks after the auction has ended), check out ...

EDIT NOTE: Damn, that URL was so long I think it broke the UBB code so try this instead: Go to eBay's Completed Items Search, enter "Warner Bros. Babylon 5", and sort by "Highest prices first" ... or try this:

eBay B5 List

Londo's costume went for the most money ($7,600). Sheesh ... so much money!

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And I thought people who spend hundreds of dollars to buy the series on video were nuts.
It is just a TV show, isn't it???

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