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Worth waiting for


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I have been looking forward to the airing of Legends of the Rangers for months,and I found it well worth waiting for. It was at least as good as the other B5 movies (I have seen them all). If the SciFi channel doesn't pick up Legends of the Rangers as a series, I don't know what they have been waiting for. They will really be missing out. Based on "To Live and Die in Starlight" as the pilot, a B5LR series would draw a wide scifi audience. I have read some of the criticisms, and some are valid, but I have yet to see a scifi show where you don't have to suspend some of your disbelief.
Here is some of what I liked about "To Live and Die in Starlight":
1) Excellent casting and acting. I would look forward to learning more
about all the Rangers; the characters already seem complex enough to me
to be intriquing.
2) Excellent musical score by Franke to accompany the action and mood. It is reminiscent of the score created for the original B5 series, but original
enough to be fresh.
3) The "look" of the show is imaginative and intriguing. I enjoyed looking at the backgounds on Minbar, and the Liandra is a mysterious ship with a gothic and haunted look.
4) Good story line ... I thought the story was gripping and found myself
totally absorbed. The haunting of the ship adds an extra layer of complexity.
I cared about what might happen to the characters. I did not find the plot predicatable, and usually I am pretty good about figuring out where a writer is going with a story.
5) Return of the B5 universe, with pop-in of characters such as G'Kar from
the original series. (It was great to see that Andreas Katsulas hasn't
forgotten how to play G'Kar!) With the enlistment of some good writers,
there are still lots of exciting and meaningful stories to tell in the
B5 universe.

The Rangers was definately worth waiting for.


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