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The school where I work has just bought me a computer chair. This is quite an honour, as teaching assistants usually don't get anything more than a diary.

It was suggested that I put me name on the back so it doesn't walk, so I made up a sign including the quote from Ivanova,

You are sitting at my station using my equipment. Is there a reason for this or to save time should I just snap your hands off at the wrists?

For some reason, they thought it wasn't suitable and asked me to change it.

I've changed the font to Minbari. :D
The Cafe Press mugs I keep at work say:

"You'll excuse me, but I'm in the middle of fifteen things, all of them annoying" and "If I survive this job without completely losing my mind it will be a miracle of biblical proportions"

I think either might make a good sign.



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