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WooHooo, Season 3 Arrived Today!


BTW, there's more Bloopers on here!

Under Data Files on disc 6, look for the 5 to light up just like on Season 2's set :cool:

There's also a nice Season 3 intro by JMS, Bruce, Mira, Jeff Conway, Jerry Doyle, J. Copeland and Walter Koenig (sp?)

3 All New Documentaries

Behind the Mask: Creating Aliens for Babylon 5
Building a Better Narn
Designing Tomorrow: The Look of Babylon 5

The Universe of Babylon 5

Data Files: Battle for Babylon, Grey, Mindwipe, Thunderbolt, White Star

Personel Files: Zack, Bester, Marcus, Corwin and Zathras

Shadow Dossier: Read by Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle)

Also, 3 episodes have commentaries, JMS does Severed Dreams and Z'Ha'Dum while Bruce, Jerry, Richard and Ed Wasser do commentary on Interludes and Examinations.. haven't listened to any of those yet though....

Keep :)
and I won't be able to afford it until at least the end of September. I think I'm gonna be sick. :( *cries*
and I won't be able to afford it until at least the end of September. I think I'm gonna be sick. :( *cries*

You'll have to enter B5TV.COM's upcoming competition. ;)
Since my tuition is due early this year, I think I'll have to beg my mom to lend me some money for my b5 fix.
Got my copy of season 3 at lunch today. Can hardly wait to get home and watch. Maybe I should get "sick" so I can leave work early. Hmmmm.....
The opening menu was a little disappointing to me. For S1, they had a jumpgate sequence take you to an orbit of Epsilon III, and Babylon 5, with morphings of the main characters. S2 had a Narn fighter, before going to the main menu with the morphings returned once more.

This time around it's just a quick zoom onto Epsilon, and B5 zipping in, straight to the morphings of the cast. Quite disappointed on that one.

The introduction to the season is also much shorter than the one for season two. It was only six minutes, as season two's was much longer. Or so it seemed to me.

I will give props though. The first thing I did was pop in disc three and watched 'Severed Dreams'. It was wonderful watching it uncut, and in such vivid picture. On my tapes, I couldn't tell that in the opening sequence on the Alexander, Major Ryan had a Five O'Clock shadow. In the DVD you can see it clearly. It's just a little thing, but it shows just how much clearer these transfers are.

Sci-Fi channel, you can keep running it at 9am. I'm not watching anyway. ;)

Rommie :D
It was out a day early at my local Wal-Mart, so I bought it on Monday. I am already up to Severed Dreams. :D

Mine arrived this afternoon. Of course, Disk 2 and Disk 4 had come loose from their hubs. :mad: I checked out the bloopers first, and my copy won't run correctly. When I select up the *5* to start, sometimes it just hangs in a wait, other times it jumps to 1:24 or so into the reel. :rolleyes: I think it's going back to Amazon for replacement.
Best season of TV... ever!

I have like no cash and I totally blew what little of it there is on B5. Fuck it, I don't care, I need some joy in my life right now.

Today I watched the fantastic scene with Londo and G'Kar are stuck in the elevator.

"Can anyone here me?!"
"I here you."

Laughed my ass off.
My biggest problem with this set is that I can't control my watching. I like to savor TV on DVD. I already swallowed up the first 2 discs and am on the 2nd. Earlier today I watched Messages From Earth, and Severed Dreams is next up. That's like the best episode, and I know I'm just gonna have to watch it tonight.

When the Whitestar will crash into Z'ha Dum in the last episode and there will be no more DVDs, I'll be sad. :(
GKE, I know what you mean.

I did watch the special stuff on the last disc and found that the datafile about the whitestar 'jumps'. Also disc 2 and 3 came lose in transport, and it looks like disc 3 is damaged :( I feel kind of annoyed as I will have to send the discs back and be without B5 for a while.

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