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Women in B5's universe.

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Women in B5\'s universe.

JOE Straczyski's women characters have always really interested me especially. Delenn was the first. She made me laugh-drool-cry all at the same time. Talia, I adored, until she turned wacko....
Lyta sacred me and really made me think. Ivonava made me laugh and at times, fasinated over her blunt "Russian/Jewishness". Dureena excited and aroused me but also made me sad her and her loses. Chambers-I just really admirred her brains. And Lochley- well, she's just great! I'm glad she and Garibaldi patched things up, but I don't know about her and Gideon....

Please feel free to share some of your thoughts about B5's women,

...and how they rock your universe.