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Wings Of Desire

Jade Jaguar

I just read that this great film is now being issued on DVD. Borrow it, or buy it! I am not into angels, or romances, which this film is, at least superficially. It is about two angels, who observe people in Berlin, before the wall came down. They are weary of only observing for ages, and doing what little they can to help people. One falls in love with a woman, an acrobat, and wishes to become mortal, so he can be with her. This sounds trite, I know, but the writing, and the cinematography are stunning, making this a very special film, much better that the Hollywood remake. Here is a link about the film:
As I as reading your post, I thought the movie sounded a lot like City of Angels...Duh. :eek: :LOL: I enjoyed that movie, but my better half didn't like the ending. I thought it was deliciously ironic. I'll have to check out the original version.

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