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Will Ferrell is Darrin Stevens


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As a big bewitched fan, I've eagerly awaited seeing who'd play Darrin in Bewitched. Well, it's Will Ferrell.

Not sure what I make of that... I'd have to wait and see. I don't mind Will in the right things, but I can't quite think of him in that role. It's not like when I heard about Nicole Kidman being Samantha, and knowing she was utterly perfect for it (I do hope she goes ahead and does it).
I wonder who'll play Darrin in the sequal. :D I knew they were planning on doing a Bewitched movie, and I think I recall hearing that Kidman would be in it. Have any other parts been cast yet, such as Andora?
Those are the only cast members announced so far.

Who'd be a good Endora I wonder... hmm...
I like Shirley, but I don't think she comes off as having the spiteful streak of Endora. I'd vote for Angelica Huston, even if she is a bit young for it.
Who'd be a good Endora I wonder... hmm...

How about someone like Bette Midler? Could you see her as the somewhat spiteful and very sarcastic witch? Or would her delivery of the sarcasm not be dry enough for Endora?
I was disappointed to hear this news. I was hoping that Jim Carrey would land the role of Darrin. I know that he met with Kidman on several occasions attempting to land it, and he looks a lot like Dick York, the original Darrin.

And I gotta go with the Angelica Houston votes. She'd be a perfect Endora. The actress who played her in the series, wasn't all that old herself.

Rommie :D
Though I don't really care about the project, I just wanted to give props to Farrell, who is a real funny and talented dude. I'm sure he'll be great. He and Anna Gesteyer (sp?) were the only good things about SNL in the past 10 years.
I just went and took a quick look at the IMDb page on this movie. Somone on the message board there suggested Christine Baranski for Endora. I think that could work.

And, FWIW: Agnes Moorehead was in her 60's (and crossed the 70 plateau) during the run of the series. She was 33 years older than Montgomery. Angelica Huston is 16 years older than Nicole Kidman, not that that would be an impediment to Hollywood casting them as mother and daughter (even without the supernatural aspects of this particular project). Baranski is about Huston's age (I think it was 1 year younger) and Midler is 6 years older than Huston.

Isn't the IMDb a wonderful tool sometimes? :D ;)
Another candidate for Endora that just popped into my head:

How about Suzanne Pleshette?

Her version would, I think, be a bit on the side of campy humor. That works for me for this project, though.

Replacing Paul Lynde as Uncle Arthur could be tough. He had a pretty unique presense and style. Actually, now that I think about it: That is the role that Mike Myers would be perfect for in Bewitched.
Anybody have any suggestions on who could play Mr. Tate? I can't really think of anyone that would fit the role.
Maybe someone like Christopher Walken... but I think maybe he's too well know. He *is* Christopher Walken. :D

LESLIE NIELSEN! That'd be funny. :D

Am I wrong for thinking Kevin Spacey would have been a good Darrin? If he played it right...

I don't envy them on the casting thing.

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