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Why it will be unlikely to see a B5 movie

p.s. Some thing for Shaal Mayan to think about. Who is the head of the Rangers?

Ah well the head of the rangers is JMS of course cause he is the writer and the exhalted ruler .As for your news comments well I don't follow the news at all or at the very least of news trickles in my way always so depressing.Do please explain your comment above now why would I want to consider who the head of the rangers is?When I know the answer already in the end I can complain,rant do whatever.In the end someone has to be willing to pay to put B5 on the screen .This is one show why I wonder why I even bother coming anymore when there is nothing new to talk about everything's been rehashed a thousand times already .The only thing that is "new' is if your talking with a newbie but to you typing it's the same old thing .
JMS is preparing a new show and you say there is nothing new???!!!
Publishers are trying to get him to authorise more Babylon 5 novels.

Your friend Mira Furlan plays Delenn, the head of the Rangers. Movies can be written about the Rangers without showing its head but they would have an obvious gap.

Since 9/11 the main item in the news has been the War on Terror. Remember my comment about the Rangers fighting terrorists?

Things are slow but they will happen.

Less Slavic pessimism please.
Babylon Five already covered Terrorism, Extremism, oppressive governments, using terror and fear to force a political agenda and the idea that one man's Freedom Fighter is another mans' terrorist fairly well.

I see Andrews point though, there is plenty of room for more B5 in whatever medium you want. And whatever comes along will be of some relevance to society today.
Let's also remember that JMS has said (repeatedly) that he is not going to sit back trying to think of ways to use B5 ... as far as he is concerned he has told the story he wanted to tell and now he is moving on to new things. In common with most creative types, he wants every new thing he does to be different to the last thing, whereas we fans of B5 would very much like something else done in the "old thing".

Crusade was different from B5, although similar enough to appeal to the same fans (although I know people who love B5 and hate Crusade and vice versa). Legend of the Rangers was different again, moreso this time, clearly aiming for a different demographic with its use of a younger, better looking cast (although I would take Claudia over Miriam anyday ... but maybe that's just me getting old). I enjoyed LotR less than B5 as a whole, but overall, as a pilot for a new-style show in the B5 universe, I thought it had potential.

Both Crusade and Rangers came about because he was asked (by TNT and SFC respectively) to do them, not because he was actively seeking to do more B5.

I am sure that if someone comes to him with a reasonable suggestion/offer for him to do some new stuff in the B5-verse then he will be more than happy to oblige, but for now he seems more than happy with his lot, taking on new TV shows and more and more comics.

Let's just enjoy B5 and the rest for what they are, and not get too hung up over getting anything new any time soon.
Well, whether it was theatrical or just on DVD and it had the original actors playing Sheridan, Delenn, and etc, you betcha I'd watch it! ;)

If it was straight to DVD, it'd be MUCH easier for me to see, and I'd buy it sight unseen. I STILL haven't managed to see SERENITY (Been at the right place at the wrong time, many times.). ARGH! Haven't seen a movie in the theater since 12/2003 (Return of the King). :rolleyes:
JMS is preparing a new show and you say there is nothing new???!!!

Who said it was about Babylon 5 or anything related to it ??

Publishers are trying to get him to authorise more Babylon 5 novels.

As for my novels comment didn't make this one clear enough Yes there are new products but all of them so far are related to the RPG gaming system and not everyone will buy them either because they maynot play the gaming system.Or just don't want to or money reasons.Personally I haven't bought any new ones because of the latter reason :(As for the novels that's still up in the air as well if the novels do come out if their not approve by JMS half the fanbase won't buy them and the other might .I am they can come to an agreement and maybe we might have ending to Crusade .I'd wait for that. I think there should be a runnig joke
about Mongoose and it's pubishing line is "expect me when you see me".
TV follows real life.

Actually, no. Not immediately. TV will often follow events in reality, but in more cases than not, studios are not interested in making stuff about topics that will step too close to people for them to want to watch it. There is a reason that the biggest movie to come out of Hollywood during World War II was Bambi. Aside from the fact that I couldn't see JMS adjusting his plots to what studio bosses might want - which I believe is one of the core points for all our devotion to the works of JMS - if it would work .. it wouldn't work.
There is frequently a 3 or 4 year gap between the news and fiction. 9/11 was 4 years ago.

JMS may not adjust his plots to please the bosses but events he saw might inspire him.
I think B5 already did a good job regarding the topic of terrorism. JMS wasn't one of the people that wasn't aware of the concept prior to 911.
Didn't he have a show/story idea in the works that was eerily similar to September 11th?

You must remember, JMS writes stuff before it happens. Or have we forgotten Jerry Doyle's arm?

I had forgotten about that. And Claudia, too, right? There were more than one incidents, as I recall. To the point that someone asked him to stop writing in injuries for the characters, right? :)

And I definitely remember him saying he had a show idea of some sort that had to be chucked after 9/11.
Didn't Jerry break his arm during the filming of Severed Dreams and Claudia broke her leg at home was it just prior to filming the geomtry of shadows if memory serves.
She broke it in a car accident,JMS added it to the script after that. It definitely wasn't planned like that, it was supposed to be a "real" action episode for Ivanova, without Garibaldi coming to save her butt in the end.

IIRC, he wrote that Garibaldi would be injured in the fight, and Jerry Doyle then actually did break his arm when shooting it. One notices it by watching his utensils both in Severed Dreams and in Ceremonies of Light and dark - in the end of Severed Dreams(which was filmed before the fight scenes IIRC), he is using a crutch. IN Ceremonies of Light and dark, the crutch is gone but his arm is in a cast (which is explained by him saying that Franklin decided he should have a cast just in case).
As I recall, Claudia was quoted as saying that she was sort of dancing in her garden and came down badly, breaking her foot. Sometime near then JMS reportedly had written (and cut?) a line that had Ivanova saying something about having a good relationship with her foot.

Again, as I recall, the thing with Jerry wasn't about the arm, which he did break on set but hadn't been referred to in the script. It was JMS trying to explain time travel and mentioning getting food poisoning from whatever they had for lunch and it turned out that he did get it. That might not have been Jerry but I don't recall who else it might have been.

At that point JMS was requested not to refer to body parts any more.

Doesn't she claim it was a car accident in the commentary? :confused: .. though I probably am mixing something up :D
Well it will give somebody a reason to rewatch the commentary for the geometry of shadows again.Since I think Claudia mentions it there.

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