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Why is my pic not loading?



I can upload this pic as an avatar? Size is not big! I think it should work? Some help please? Me in Mexico 2007
Ok, I don't know if this was supposed to be porn spam similar to others we've gotten lately and the pic didn't get included, or if this is a genuine request for information about use of avatars on this site. Since there's nothing 100% indicative that it's spam, I'm moving this thread to the Questions forum.

Now, if it's a genuine question, in order to help we'll need more specifics about the pic you're trying to upload. Unless I'm mistaken, the board's limit on pictures for use as avatars is 100x100 pixels and 15 KB in size.
Vacantlook is correct about the size of avatars. If you have further difficulty Erelipype, send me a private message and I will assist you.
Russian email address for someone in Mexico? I think your sense is right vacantlook. We'll see.
This message originated in B5 Personnel, where we seem to have had trouble lately. I'm not ungrateful that it's stayed confined to that sub-forum... but does anyone know why it's stayed that way?

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