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Why I no longer read comic books

This is just hysterically funny and it got more of a reaction on the moderated B5 newsgroup than I'd expected, so I thought I'd cross-post it here. Do yourself a favor, read the whole thing, including the picture captions.

Sample: "It's at this moment, running across the moonlit ocean hefting an automobile over his head, that Superman realizes he's a f****** idiot."



Oh dear god, thats screwed up. And in the "I screwed up cooking dinner and now thers no kitchen" way, not the modern art way.
Joe, don't even bother with DC comics. They try so damned hard to make things edgy that they totally screw it up. That "new" Batman is a prime example. And don't get me started on Superman... ever since they found a way to kill him and then bring him back from the dead when they realized sales were tanking, well... nuff said.

I still read several Marvel titles. I'm particularly enjoying the latest issues of Iron Man, X-Factor, Astonishing X-Men (much like the Uncanny X-Men storyline, but written by Joss Whedon), Exiles, and particularly the New Avengers.

But, that's just me. I'm a mark for super-heroes & such. :)
That's so right, and that book is a major turkey, which is a shame given its pedigree. Grant Morrisson's All Star Superman by contrast is a great comic book, if you can still cope with DC...

I still read Marvel, but its mostly down to one or two trades a month, with the odd independent or DC title depending on the writer....

I think the commerical superhero market is massively bloated, making the gems very hard to find amongst pap like this...
I'm not a major comic book reader, but I do read The Ultimates, and you should try out the new Transformers comic from IDW. Its pretty good stuff.
In the meantime, Joss had a good run on Xmen recently.
The Ultimates is possiby one of the best comics to come out in the past 10 years. Mark Millar is a god. I will wait and see what IDW do with TF, after blowing a load on Dreamwave's stuff before they went under...

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