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Why Does Babylon 5 Always Get Screwed???


I don't think anyone would argue that there have been problems with WB's handling of B5 - the specifics you mention among them.

The point I was making is that those are not the whole story, and WB did do some very positive things - not least of which is the fact that B5 made it through the full 5 years. As a Brit, I am also very grateful to them for making all 110 episodes and the pilot and the TV movies available on VHS shortly after broadcast (or before in the case of the TVMs).

I realise that is cold comfort to viewers elsewhere who started collecting the VHS and laserdisc only to have them stop halfway through, and WB's own cock-up brought that about, but the cock-up having been made and sales having been "decimated" then, rightly or wrongly, their decision was a cold, commercial one.

I am not claiming that WB are wonderful, but neither are they complete pants. As with all things B5, the reality is somewhere in between the two.