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why compare



Being a fan of both Star Trek and Babylon 5, it never fails to amaze me that people feel this compelling need to compare the two in an effort to determine which is better. Each show (or shows) stands on its own. Both have their high points and not so high points and share similarites. Having said that both shows have their own characterization, mythology, mood and feeling and both have been very successful at providing intelligent and exciting entertainment. There is plenty of room out there for quality scifi enterntainment. I think constantly pitting two of the best examples of this field against each other is not only couter productive, but serves no good purpose at all.
Very well said!

The Sho-Rin is a fan of both series as well. If I combine all the episodes of Trek and B5 together to select a top 10 episodes, there will be about the same number from each family. I can watch Darmok (TNG) back to back with Passing Through Gethsemene and still be deeply moved by both. They are, after all, entertainment.

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Me too!!!

I'm fond of both universes. Yes they can coexist quite happily in my thoughts and on my video shelf.......

Sho-rin: The irony is that there are only about 110 + 13 B5 shows but 7x24x4=624 ST shows *grin*

I love then both 2


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Why start the same thread in multiple forums?

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I often wonder if the reason why we followers of all things Babylon 5 are so passionate about exclaiming the goodness of what JMS and the various casts and crews have brought us is because we feel it's overlooked. Being a fan of the show early, I attempted to bring friends who had Sci-Fi leanings over to Babylon 5 during the first season but found that many of them, who coincidentally were Next Gen fans, were snobs and for some odd reason wouldn’t get behind a show that I felt had tremendous promise. I think the Sci-Fi universe needs all the good stories it can get and I think Babylon 5 as well as Star Trek represents the best Sci-Fi done on Television. Although, I wasn’t a fan of other series like DS9 and Voyager…I do think that Enterprise has great potential.

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