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Staff, non-staff... make yourself known. Just curious as to who is still about. :)
I check in every day or so, waiting patiently on news on the reboot!

I'd like to think activity might pick up this summer when the super-secret SDCC project is revealed?
In rummaging through my SF folder on the PC, I found this site. I assumed it had faded into obscurity or even croaked but was happy to see it is still around. I still consider B5 to be my favorite TV series ever - but - I have also seen every nanosecond of Star Trek that has ever lit up a TV or movie screen.

I'm not sure I'd welcome a reboot but I had the same skepticism about Picard and instantly learned to love it. For a guy who was 20 back in '66 when I watched TOS begin, I'm not very fundamentalist about Trek canon and character evolution. I'll leave that kind of extremism for political zealots.
I check in maybe once a week. Glad to see some old familiar names, and I hope I see a few more soon!
Thanks everyone.

I don't think the site will ever be busy, unless we get a new show, but I can certainly make it easier for people to come on board. Currently people have to email for a password due to the spam issues and the email system isn't working so people can't do password resets etc.

I am looking to move B5TV to a new messageboard system.

I feel we have an important archive here and the embers of a community - the fact that some of you are still here (why are you here) is a testament to that.

22 years... I appreciate your support!
I'm still amazed some of us are still here from the beginning. Still great to see everyone around as well as the newer faces.
For the longest time I felt I was "new" because I wasn't here from the very start. But at this point, that means I've only been here for 95% of the site's lifetime...

Of course, 95% of the site's posts are in Babbleon. But hey, they're having a good time in there.

Edit: well, actually 43%. (Yes, I actually did the math.) But it sure feels like 95%...
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Staff, non-staff... make yourself known. Just curious as to who is still about. :)

I' ve been in Babbleon up until March 4th when things diverged and I had nothing to add. This is the first time I've peeked in since then. Working too much and trying to get caught up on my MeTV recordings on Frndly TV.
Could I have a couple of volunteers please to check the new forum system? That you can login, post, see your private messages, change your profile picture etc.

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