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Whoohoo, I Finally Got The Babylon 5 Cookbook....


Well I'll have it shortly

Kind of surprised I got it that cheap considering I haven't seen it anywhere else for less than $50 bucks, plus it's getting harder and harder to find any copies at all....

"Faith Manages"

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Congratulations! I think this calls for a few Brivari and a Hot Jala or two! (It's not just *food* recipes in that wonderful little book)

Remember, a Keeper isn't just for Christmas - it's for life.
Good job. I had heard about the book a long long time ago, but I almost thought it was a myth or legend of B5 merchandise because I never did see it in the stores.

Now that I know it really does exist, I might start looking for it too. Let us know how good it is. Thanks.

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Yay - congratulations!!! I got a copy last year and it was worth every cent (oh, hang on - I made my parents buy it for my birthday, oh well
), it's just a beautiful, gorgeous book that I reread and drool over quite often (I even try the odd recepie and am planning a 'banquet'
Bon Appetit!

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