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Whoa! -- BSG season finale SPOILERS

This post contains spoilers for the season finale of Battlestar Galactica, and speculation on Season 2 revelations based on events in said episode. Read no further if you haven't seen the season finale.

Just saw this posted on the scifi.com boards. Someone pointed out that near the end of Kobol's Last Gleaming Pt. 2, as Boomer is first walking onto Galactica's command center, she shakes hands w/ Lt. Gaeta w/ her right hand, just before putting her hands behind her back and standing before Adama. A minute later, she pulls out her right hand and shoots Adama. If you have this ep either on tape or in digital form, check that moment where she shakes hands with Gaeta. The camera zooms in a bit at the handshake but their hands are obscured. It's a strange camera movement, but maybe the message is that Gaeta is handing her the gun! I don't like to jump on these 'X is a Cylon!' theories, but maybe this is evidence that Gaeta is a Cylon????
Well, if you think about it, who's been plotting all the fleet's jumps, including Boomer's discovery of Kobol? And ended up where the Cylons predicted they would be?

That said, I'd almost call it a red herring, because it's too easy to implicate Gaeta.
I just took a look... there is nothing conclusive. They zoom down on the hand shake but you can't see anything.

He does go with purpose to her though, and doesn't shake the hand of the other one it seems.

Who knows. :D Damn BSG for being so interesting!
I'm curious to see how this one ends up. I can't really see how they can get Adama out of this one alive realistically. Two bullet shots at very close range .. ouch.

I was actually not certain he would make it through the Miniseries when initially watching it and having NO idea about anything regarding the series.

I wouldn't be surprised if Adama didn't make a return and is replaced by Tigh as the lead in the next season. Is it just me or was it kind of .. odd that he wasn't in the beginning credits this season? Could be a setup of some sort I guess.

Waa! They are not to kill both Adama and my dear Madam President :| evil people :eek:

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