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Who was the real star of the whole series?

The Corps storyline does seem to be an area that any reboot could potentially expand on to offer something a bit different to the original although I'm not sure its well suited for films.
In terms of characters I think either Garibaldi or Londo.

As characters they are very different in the end to how they started.

In terms of acting it would have to be Andreas Katsulas - his ability to show emotion is impressive. Especially when you consider than he is behind a latex mask.
I'm going to throw a little wrench into what I already said before. The real star of the whole series was Babylon 5 itself. The survivor out of the 4 stations before it. Most of the intriguing action and relationship-building occurred on the station. Transformations and devolutions at the same time.

And when it was all done and the future made secure, it was the end of its life. And quite a spectacular end, it was.
I must admit that while B5 originally ran on tv years ago my favourite characters were without doubt Delenn (cfr. my avatar) and Sheridan. They were the nexus of the show as I saw it, even though there were loads of other great characters in the fascinating B5 universe (especially Londo, G'Kar, Ivanova, Vir).

As the years have passed and I have re-watched the series on dvd, I still love Delenn and Sheridan but I find I appreciate Londo and G'Kar and their great characterization and stories even more now than when I was younger, they are truly unique and special.
The true transformations were Londo and G'Kar. Yes, all of the characters went through a LOT and their characters evolved (or devolved), but the bewildering almost-love-story of those two was beautiful to watch.

I just saw the scene where G'Kar says to Londo, "I can't forgive your people for what they did to mine, but I can forgive....you." Who would ever have seen that coming in the seasons before....?
I have been giving this a lot of thought. In terms of growth there is no doubt that it is G'Kar. One might also argue Londo because in the end he knows exactly what he did wrong, but I think it still has to be G'Kar.

In terms of being in the story the greatest amount of time it has to be Delenn because she outlives everyone else.

Having said the above I love Markas' sentiment that the true star of the show is "Babylon 5 itself." It actually makes the most sense because this is where we see every character experience all of their epiphanies and the most growth. So my final vote is Babylon 5 is "the real star of the whole series" Babylon 5. :bolian:

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