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Who was the most regularly appearing guest star?

Not favorite, or best, but who did we see the most often?

someone else?

We may have discussed this before, but I don't remember...
Well, I'm not sure Mordon qualifies as a guest "star" role, at least, usually in most cases. Sometimes he played in heavily(such as in the episode with him and Sheridan), but most of the time it was just a few scenes between him and Londo.

I'm guessing the award goes to Walter Koenig for Bester. While Wayne Alexander probably appeared in B5 more, he didn't always come on as a guest star.
Yeah, Walter Koenig played the same character each time he was on, but Wayne Alexander played a whole slew of characters from Sebastian, to Lorien, to a Drakh and almost everything else in between. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
Well, without counting number of scenes, or number of minutes of screen time (which I think would lead to endless argument) I'll just go with whoever is listed in the credits. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Wayne Alexander appeared in B5 episodes and TV movies at total of 13 times, playing 6 different characters. He appeared at least once in Crusade as well.

Walter Koenig appeared as Bester in 13 different episodes.

Ed Wasser appeared as Morden in 12 episodes - and as the C&C tech Guerra in The Gathering for a total of - 13 appearances. Spooky, eh? /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

I don't think anyone else comes close in terms of important speaking roles, although some of actors from the alien "rep company", who played the various Drazi, Brakiri, Gaim etc. in the background probably beat this group overall. Neal Bradley, for instance, had brief speaking roles as various aliens in 9 episodes, and who knows how many silent appearances. John Chapman played Drazi, Minbari, Narn and Brakiri (including several appearances as the Brakiri Ambassador) at total of 16 times.

William Forward was seen as Lord Refa 6 times, twice more than Wortham Krimmer appeared as Cartagia. Not even in the same league as the others. John Vickery also scored at total of 6 appearances: 5 as Neroon, 1 as Mr. Welles. (Mr. Welles, of course, also appeared in the Crusade episode, "Appearances and Other Deceits.")

But the all-time champ for appearances by a non-regular in the same role or in multiple roles goes to someone who hasn't even been mentioned -

Joshua Cox as Lt. Corwin! 36 appearances by my count, including TV movies and episodes where he was merely credited as "Tech" or "Tech #2"


What about Robin Atkin Downes?
He played Byron in season 5 and he played a member of the Grey Council in "In The Beginning" and the season 4 episode "Atonement" (and possibly others)

/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif @ Joshua Cox, he's the guest star I'll always remember because of the time Ivanova asked him to see her in her quarters
Let's not forget Kosh - both Ardwight Chamberlain as the voice and Jeffrey Willerth as the body - both of them. Can't be Corwin but they probably rack up a good number of episodes if not scenes or lines.
Thanks to Joe again, as always...

It's hard to believe Bester only showed up 13 times, and Morden 12 times -- still, that's over 10% of the B5 episodes -- for each, respectively.

Poor Lt. Corwin! I always wonder if he'll "amount to anything" somewhere up the road...
Adrwright Chamberlain & Jefferey Willerth teamed up to play Kosh (or another Vorlon) in 28 episodes. Jefferey played Kosh's body in the pilot film The Gathering. Ardrwight had not been cast at that point, since Kosh had no lines in the original version of the film. His single line was added for the re-edit.

I hadn't counted them, because I guess I always thought of them as regulars - but technically, they weren't.

Robin Atkin Downes appeared a total of 10 times. He was credited as "Grey Council # 1" in "Atonement", but the same character was given a name (Morann) when footage from "Atonement", along with some new scenes with the actor, went into In the Beginning. That means he only appeared as Byron 8 times. Odd, it seemed like that storyline lasted longer than that. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif


Piror to becoming a regular starting with S4, Pat Tallman was credited as a guest star in The Gathering, "Divided Loyalties", "Passing Through Gethsemane", "Walkabout" and Thirdspace.


Only eight? It seemed like more
I didn't know he was the Minbari in that episode until I re-watched it a few days ago (having finished wacthing S5 only last month) and recognised him straight away.
Thanks for the info Joe
As I should have pointed out awhile back (I thought this would have been obvious) all of this information comes from the incredibly thorough Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5. They have a list of all the actors who have appeared in the show. It was really just a matter of counting up episodes titles and looking for variant credits. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

So the folks who compiled TLG are the ones who should get the award.