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Who started this rumor?


I really hope this isn't true.

I'd say it's still a little too early to talk about casting rumors, especially as bad as this one.

An anonymous source stated, "Justin would be a perfect choice.

The source sounds credible to me. Also, why would he be the perfect choice? :confused:
I agree with the first comment on that page:

NO. NO. No no no no no no no no no no no no. NOOOOO!!!! NO. No no no no no. NO? No no no! NO! NO! No. No, no no no no no! AND please God NO!!!

I doubt its true though.
It's way to early for anyone in the biz to even be seriously discussing this, so it's a load of DREN. Ignore it. They don't even know if Nolan and Goyer are returning yet, much less what the story will be or who might be in it.

It's probably a rumor based on a rumor based on something someone heard someone say at a Hollywood club who overheard it from another clubbie who overheard Justin say something sort of to the effect that he would love to be in the film.

I disregard most internet rumor, especially when it mentions things that could not in the slightest even be being discussed at such a stage. :rolleyes:


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